Yes I know, nearly anyone who has ever read and completely adored a book, will at some point have felt a sense of outrage after it has been adapted for the screen.

Watching a film or television series of a book that means so much to you can make you despair, or it can actually be a wonderful experience. We suggest putting to one side any feelings about beloved characters and the book itself and almost starting again.

There are of course times when this just doesn’t work, when it does though, oh boy! I first met and fell in love with 'The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy in my teens. I later saw Peter Jackson’s film version and absolutely adored it, yes, of course, there were plot holes and differences, however, I believed he really felt the book and poured his love for it into the film. So, it can work.

Here we take a look at some of the books that have featured on screen over the last few years, or are about to be. If you haven’t read them yet, choices, choices, do you read the book before the TV series or film, or after?

Let us know what you think about these adaptations, do you love or loath them?