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[Re]Start: It's Never Too Late

"Part graphic novel, part journal, this toolkit for life shares powerful messages of resilience and “it’s never too late” fresh starts"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Is it a graphic novel? Is it a journal? Is it a self-help manual? Actually, this genre-busting book is all three at once as it lends an empathetic guiding hand to young people setting out on their life journeys, and those needing to change direction. As the positive subtitle shouts, “it’s never too late.”

“This project was conceived to help people feel better about their current situation and what their future could be.” So shares project founder James Pattinson, who drew on his life experience and training of 16-24-year-olds to create this book, with three young creatives also contributing to the project.

The narrative graphic novel aspect sees seven characters sign up to the [Re]Start programme, each of them facing different challenges — from anxiety and being a young carer, to struggles with family expectations and body image.

As readers follow the protagonists’ journeys, there are prompts for self-reflection, spaces to jot down thoughts, and inspirational quotes from the likes of Michelle Obama and Stephen Hawking. Playing the role of a compassionate older sibling who always gives the best advice, and issuing a powerful message of confidence, [Re]Start comes hugely recommended for young adults who aren’t sure where they’re going, or want to change their path.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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A clever format and style, delivering unpatronizing, realistic scenarios with positivity and hope. A pocket sized gem of a graphic novel.

An unpatronizing, clever graphic novel that delivers positivity to all readers through a genius format. The reader is introduced to the seven lives of a diverse group of teens, who embark on a course that inspires, builds confidence and ultimately optimism and resilience. As the students' lives and experiences are explored, the reader is sucked in to not only their stories but unconsciously start to participate in the course too with clever blank pages and tasks to complete. Fabulous graphic novel that will be enjoyed by all that read it.... Read Full Review

Sarah Rogers

A fascinating novel that includes real-life experiences and something new on every page!

[Re]Start It's Never Too Late is a fantastic graphic novel full of guidance on how to become confident and resilient. In particular, it encourages to follow your dreams and think creatively or differently. This book helps you to pick up extra tips and new ideas for you to help yourself flourish better. This spectacular novel includes the experiences of 7 characters who come from a variety of backgrounds as they overcome problems in their lives. It is organised into six large chapters which go over the stages of handling many obstacles in life. From anxiety to managing family expectations this guide is like a journal where you can scribble down your honest reflections of this world.

While studying alone in a new country, Andi struggles from grippling anxiety. Whereas others are bound by family expectations or responsibilities and often find themselves alone.... Read Full Review

Prisha Yadav

A practical, engaging book that helps you understand what path to follow in life.

The first line really says it all. This is a new way to engage young people in thinking about what they want to get from their life. It offers practical tips about how to manage the complex road from childhood and schooling to whatever you want to do next as an adult. It will try to help you become the best you can be. Basically, it's a road map to help you be happy in life. Through the lives of a few different characters, you can start to see that everyone's journey is different and everyone has to work hard to get where they want to go and that if obstacles come up in the way, that there are ways around them. Ways that won't harm you. It's interactive - it gives you space to breathe and try out different activities, just like the characters in the book.... Read Full Review