No Such Thing as Immortality

by Sarah Tranter

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LoveReading Expert Review of No Such Thing as Immortality

January 2013 Debut of the Month.

A promising start from debut author Sarah Tranter and a new departure for romantic publisher Choc Lit. Perfect for fans of Twilight and True Blood. A story told totally from the point of view of a man who happens to be a 200 year old vampire - until now - not known for his feelings. Well that was before he gets involved with Rowan Locke. Can you have blood flavoured chocolate? Would vampires like it?


Choc Lit, the publisher of this novel, was the 2012 Publisher of the Year as voted for by the Festival of Romance.


No Such Thing as Immortality Synopsis

I'll protect you until the day I die - forever A vampire does not have to feel any emotion not of his choosing. And Nathaniel Gray has spent two hundred years choosing not to feel. But when he accidentally runs Rowan Locke off the road, he is inexplicably flooded with everything she's feeling, and that's rage, and lots of it. He's consumed with the need to protect Rowan at all costs including from himself. To Nate what's happened is unthinkable and is pretty much as unbelievable, as the existence of faeries. But you see, 'There is no such thing as - immortality.' This is Nate's story -

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781906931803
Publication date: 27th December 2012
Author: Sarah Tranter
Publisher: Choc Lit
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 320 pages
Primary Genre Children's & YA Fiction
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ISBN: 9781906931803
Publication date: 27/12/2012
Format: Paperback

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About Sarah Tranter

Sarah Tranter  lives in Wiltshire, England with her very supportive husband and her two boys. The family includes Rufus the dog, two cats, five chickens, countless pet spiders and an assortment of bugs (courtesy of her youngest). Sarah has been a Constituency Researcher for a Labour Member of Parliament, a Political Lobbyist and a London Publicist, before turning her career to writing. No Such Thing as Immortality is her debut novel and the first in her No Such Thing series.

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No Such Thing as Immortality
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