Bleak Expectations

by Mark Evans

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LoveReading Expert Review of Bleak Expectations

November 2012 Book of the Month.

Bleak Expectations began as a riotously funny Sony Award winning Radio 4 comedy but it was so amazing it has transformed itself into an equally splendid book. Featuring added jokes and lots of extra bits of story and additional dimensions to characters, it recounts the adventures of young Pip Bin as he tries to repair his destroyed family and distinctly damaged life, aided by his best friend Harry Biscuit and definitely not aided by his cruel and ironically named guardian Mr Gently Benevolent and his accomplices, the fearsome Hardthrasher siblings. Add in grim circumstances, mistaken identities, unlikely inheritances, nightmarish court cases, ridiculous names, convenient coincidences to resolve plot problems, over-sentimental death scenes and lots and lots of adjectives: Bleak Expectations is the novel Charles Dickens might have written after drinking far too much gin.


Bleak Expectations Synopsis

The complete collected series 1-5 of the gloriously daft Victorian Romp, Bleak Expectations.Gasp at the evil Mr Gently Benevolent, played by Mr Anthony Head! Weep at the trials of our young hero Pip Bin, played by Master Tom Allen! Be moved to joy and sorrow by the remarkable narration of Mr Richard Johnson! Swoon at the fragile beauty of Pip's poor Mama, played by Miss Celia Imrie! Wonder at the thespian prowess of Mr Geoffrey Whitehead as six different siblings! Follow the remarkable adventures of young Pip Bin as he struggles to rescue himself and his sisters from the schemes of his evil and badly-named guardian Mr Gently Benevolent, and the blood-curdling Hardthrasher family. Immerse yourself in a timeless epic featuring terrifying schools, even worse prisons, opium dens, disguises, court-cases, shipwrecks, underwater squirrels and swash-buckling long-lost aunts. Revel in the many fine quips, characters and scenarios written by Mr. Mark Evans and produced by Mr. Gareth Edwards, previously renowned for their craftsmanship on the works of Messrs. Mitchell and Webb. Series 1: Televised as 'The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff' on the BBC. Episodes: A Childhood Cruelly Kippered, An Adolescence Utterly Trashed, A Youth Utterly Crocked, A Young Adult Bitterly Dismantled, A Young Love Mercilessly Dismembered, A Life Sadly Smashed then happily restored A Bit. Series 2: A Happy Life Cruelly Re-Kippered, A Re-kippered Life Smashed Some More, A Recovery Made Miserable, A Restoration Re-Ruined Only Even Worse, An Already Bed Life Made Worse But Sort of on Purpose, A Happy Life Broken and then Mended A Bit. Series 3: A Lovely Life Re-Kippered Again Once More, A Now Grim Life Yet More Grimmified, A Sort of Fine Life De-niced Completely, A Horrible Life Un-ruined and then Re-ruined Again, An Evil Life Sort of Explined, Lives Lost, Ruined Wrecked and Redeemed.Series 4: A Tolerable Life De-Happified, A New-Spoiled Life Smashed Some More, A Wretched Life Made Much Much Sadder, A Painful Life Re-Miserablised, A Now Tricky Life Woefully Miseried Up, A Life Destroyed then Repaired and Re-Happied. Series 5: A Pleasant Yet Dull Life Re-Evilled, A Re-Excited Life Made Distinctly Dangerous, An Alrightish Life Savagely Frozen to Bits, A Writerly Life Made Dreadfully Different, A Terrifying Life Made Even Scarier a Bit Some More, A Loved-Up Life Potentially Totally Annihilated.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781785299339
Publication date: 3rd July 2017
Author: Mark Evans
Publisher: BBC Audio BBC Digital Audio
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Modern and Contemporary Fiction
Other Genres:

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Mark Evans Press Reviews

'The funniest book since the one i haven't written yet.  Mark Evans sets the bar annoyingly high'  Robert Webb


Praise for the Radio 4 series:


'Mark Evans writes one of the wittiest, most ingenious scripts on the air, a Dickensian pastiche with a slight Rocky Horror Show echo.' (Daily Telegraph)


'A freshly minted comedy classic.' (The Guardian)


'Lightly punned and briskly acted, with some excellent sound effects, Bleak Expectations is expert stuff, in the manner of Blackadder.' (Miranda Sawyer, The Observer)


'...inspired lunacy.' (The Times)

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ISBN: 9781472112583
Publication date: 15/05/2014
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ISBN: 9781472103406
Publication date: 15/11/2012
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About Mark Evans

Mark Evans has written really quite often for television and radio, including five series of Radio 4's Bleak Expectations, BBC2's The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff and That Mitchell and Webb Look. He is also the author of this book, the one you're holding or looking at now. He lives in North London with one wife, no dog and enough children, thank you, and can be bribed quite easily to do most things involving words.

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Bleak Expectations
Bleak Expectations
Bleak Expectations
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