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"Facing ghosts from the past and finding present-day solace - this suspenseful, character-driven page-turner reels with on-the-run tension and life-changing romance."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Rooted in relationships, and the need to feel rooted and find the light of love, Nightwork by Nora Roberts is one for readers who like fast-moving page-turners with heart. If you’re new to the author, the fact this is a standalone novel makes it the ideal route into her best-selling brand of suspenseful romance.

At the tender age of nine, Harry “learned the hard way that playing by the rules as his mother had didn’t mean much to the suits and ties and brief­cases”. So, he learned how to pick pockets, discovering that “the right and wrong his mom had so carefully taught him didn’t mean much when she was puking in the bathroom after her chemo”. 

A criminal with a code of conduct (he only takes what he needs), Harry adopts a new identity when he leaves his home city. While keeping up with his nightwork, he gets himself an education and falls for Miranda, just as his past comes snapping at his heels. 

While some of Harry’s decisions will have you yelling at the page, urging him to take a different path, the escalating tension and sense of being given a second chance make this a super-satisfying, romantic ride.

Joanne Owen

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