Unlikely Return

by Nina Atwood

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LoveReading Expert Review of Unlikely Return

Unlikely Return is an effortlessly stirring expression of the complexities of human relationships. It is told against the backdrop of an unlikely, yet equally damning tragedy that befalls five men, whilst aboard a sport-fishing vessel. 

Captain Jack, his petulant assistant Tony and three other passengers; Paul, Ben and Stuart all board the Princess Rose, for a weekend away of fishing and as a means of escape from the woes of their everyday lives. Each of these men carry the burdens of estranged relationships and emotional trauma, which a shared life-altering experience at sea, will force them to confront and forever change them.

This book is extremely cognizant of human emotion and how one's sense of self is deeply influenced by one's formative years. It stirs empathy within the reader and explores a wealth of different perspectives that make for fantastic characterisation.

Unlikely Return is an insightful slow-burner of a book which I relished sinking my teeth into! 

Lois Cudjoe, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Unlikely Return Synopsis

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Three men shipwrecked on an island. Three women back home with broken hearts. A character-rich and heartfelt journey that will make, or break, all of their lives.

Ben, Stuart, and Paul are passengers on a three-day fishing trip. After their boat is sunk by a rogue wave, they wind up on a deserted island, where they fight to stay alive while hoping for rescue. They later discover that they share a common history—past relationships they wrecked, and seriously messed up decision-making when it comes to love.

Ben never expected to find the road back to his ex-wife, but the struggle to survive on the island gives him the courage to try to heal the damage he’s caused. Michelle, though, may have other plans—she’s being romanced by an amazing new guy in her life.

Stuart pretended for years that his broken engagement didn’t matter, but now he wonders if he’s had it wrong all along. He resolves to search for Jillian if he makes it back, but she doesn’t want to be found. She’s kept a life-changing secret for years and she’s not about to reveal it now.

Paul knows he’s been a fool. He pushed away the love of his life, but now the island threatens his very life. He yearns to go home and make it all up to Sarah, but he’s the least likely to return.

Three men set out on a short vacation but instead find themselves on a harrowing journey-of-a-lifetime, one that will either make them the kind of men they’ve always wanted to be or break them.

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ISBN: 9780970280954
Publication date: 7th June 2020
Author: Nina Atwood
Publisher: Nina Atwood Enterprises, LLC
Format: Paperback
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ISBN: 9780970280954
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