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The Last Widow

"Fierce, fast, brilliantly compelling storytelling, it’s not only entertaining, it’s also one hell of a provocative read. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An addictive hammer-hard read that just slams with impact, and feels particularly relevant in todays climate. Agent Will Trent and medical examiner Sara Linton have careers where they are expected to run towards danger. However, when they stop to help at a road traffic collision, danger turns towards and overwhelms them. If you haven’t read any of the Will Trent or Grant County Series, not to worry as you can easily step inside and give yourself up to the story. Karin Slaughter’s books though, are so good, you will probably want to hunt down what has come before, so do weigh up whether or not you want to start mid series. The story starts with a blast of action and doesn’t let up. I love the fact that you are expected to keep up. I was immediately hooked, and read the whole book in one fabulous sitting (oh the reading high you get when that happens!). Time repeats itself from different viewpoints which was absolutely fascinating. As I hurtled towards the ending, I had that delicious feeling of not wanting the story to finish, yet being unable to slow down. I just had to know, had to experience, had to feel. ‘The Last Widow’ is fierce, fast, brilliantly compelling storytelling, it’s not only entertaining, it’s also one hell of a provocative read. I just had to choose it to appear as one of our LoveReading star books. 

Liz Robinson

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Karin Slaughter doesn't disappoint with this latest offering. A white knuckle ride from beginning to end, simply storytelling at its finest. Highly recommended!

A normal every day shopping trip turns into a terrifying ordeal for Michelle Spivey and her young daughter when they visit a mall. Suddenly, as they both approach their car carefree and happy the unthinkable happens. A van pulls up its door opens, and for a moment Michelle's confronted with every Mother's fear, her daughter is about to be snatched, except it's not her daughter who's the victim, it's Michelle herself.


A gripping new Will Trent and Sara Linton thriller taking you on an exploration of the worst aspects of contemporary American Life - kidnapping, radical group killings and more

I knew I was in for an enjoyable but bumpy ride when I opened The Last Widow. Karin Slaughter always takes you away from the obvious in an involved but fascinating way. This latest Will Trent, Georgia Bureau investigator and Sara Linton, Medical Examiner, thriller is no exception. The kidnapping of a disease control scientist from an Atlanta shopping mall has almost been forgotten when a massive explosion interrupts a family meal Sara and Will are attending at Sara's parents. They rush to the scene of destruction only for Sara to be taken by members of the radical group responsible, and Will injured. Now quickly into a disturbing but realistic scenario, you are taken on an exploration of some of the worst aspects of modern American life.

Jan Kirkcaldy

The attention to descriptive detail was second to none and it's impossible not to play out each scene in your head with full clarity.

I have been a huge fan of Karin Slaughter for well over ten years now and she was one of the very first authors that got me into the latest crime genre, due to her addictive and compelling stories.

The Last Widow is number nine in the Georgia Bureau Investigator Will Trent series and it is possible to read this as a standalone, though to fully understand Will and his unique personality it wouldn't hurt to read some of the previous books, as much for enjoyment as anything else. I have been following the Will Trent series since the Grant County books and have to admit that I do still miss Jeffrey Tolliver, though Will Trent is a very welcome addition and hugely likeable.

Miriam Smith