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The Last Widow Reader Reviews

The Last Widow


Karin Slaughter doesn't disappoint with this latest offering. A white knuckle ride from beginning to end, simply storytelling at its finest. Highly recommended!

A normal every day shopping trip turns into a terrifying ordeal for Michelle Spivey and her young daughter when they visit a mall. Suddenly, as they both approach their car carefree and happy the unthinkable happens. A van pulls up its door opens, and for a moment Michelle's confronted with every Mother's fear, her daughter is about to be snatched, except it's not her daughter who's the victim, it's Michelle herself. The hunt begins to find Michelle and catch those responsible before time runs out!

Jan Kirkcaldy

A gripping new Will Trent and Sara Linton thriller taking you on an exploration of the worst aspects of contemporary American Life - kidnapping, radical group killings and more

I knew I was in for an enjoyable but bumpy ride when I opened The Last Widow. Karin Slaughter always takes you away from the obvious in an involved but fascinating way. This latest Will Trent, Georgia Bureau investigator and Sara Linton, Medical Examiner, thriller is no exception. The kidnapping of a disease control scientist from an Atlanta shopping mall has almost been forgotten when a massive explosion interrupts a family meal Sara and Will are attending at Sara's parents. They rush to the scene of destruction only for Sara to be taken by members of the radical group responsible, and Will injured. Now quickly into a disturbing but realistic scenario, you are taken on an exploration of some of the worst aspects of modern American life. The hunt for those involved is detailed from every aspect - the investigators, the cult and their aims, the 2 kidnapped women, Sara and Michelle. Not for the fainthearted but all comes together as gripping read with nothing so unexpected as the ultimate conclusion.


Miriam Smith

The attention to descriptive detail was second to none and it's impossible not to play out each scene in your head with full clarity.

I have been a huge fan of Karin Slaughter for well over ten years now and she was one of the very first authors that got me into the latest crime genre, due to her addictive and compelling stories.

The Last Widow is number nine in the Georgia Bureau Investigator Will Trent series and it is possible to read this as a standalone, though to fully understand Will and his unique personality it wouldn't hurt to read some of the previous books, as much for enjoyment as anything else. I have been following the Will Trent series since the Grant County books and have to admit that I do still miss Jeffrey Tolliver, though Will Trent is a very welcome addition and hugely likeable. How Karin has introduced Will into Sara Linton's life has been seamless and he's yet another well-developed character that this author is renowned for in her books.

The book opens with the same scenes replayed in full from several characters viewpoints which did slow the progression of the story down in my opinion and I'm not sure if it actually worked. The premise of the story is a white supremacist terror plot involving biological warfare and was an action-packed, adrenaline fuelled and gripping thriller. Not typical Karin Slaughter but a very well written, plotted, executed and researched story. The attention to descriptive detail was second to none and it's impossible not to play out each scene in your head with full clarity. I loved the ending involving Will and Sara too and it rounded off a truly exceptional book.

Judy Connolly

A mystery kidnapping Grace and Will in the wrong place at the wrong time caught up in an anti-government plot.

When Michelle Spivy is kidnapped from the car park there seems to be no reason why...

Grace and Wills are enjoying a peaceful Sunday lunch when they hear the sound like bombs going off at translucent campus. Setting off to help they stop for what they think is a car crash to find themselves in a bad situation.

A gripping story nice to have another story about Grace and Will.

Alexandra Harper-Williams

Fast-paced, exciting, intricate and beautifully put together – Another fantastic offering by Karin Slaughter.

The Last Widow features medical examiner Sara Linton and her boyfriend Will Trent, an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They get thrown into an investigation into the kidnapping of Michelle Spivey who had disappeared a couple of weeks ago after a quick trip to the shopping mall.

Sara also gets taken by the kidnappers of Michelle and is brought deep into the mountains where a radical group is planning a major incident.

This is probably one of the fastest paced books I have ever read, not only because it is written from different perspectives, but also because of Karin Slaughter’s great skill in creating tension and enabling the reader to picture everything that is happening as if they were there themselves. I’ve been looking forward to getting to bed at night to continue the story and have had some very late nights because I was so gripped and wondering if Sara and Will would make it out alive. A fantastic read!

Rachel Simons

An action-packed thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat.

I think that this book can be read as a standalone however, it may be worth reading the other books in the series to get the back story on the main characters Will and Sara.

I struggled at the start due to Sara and Will’s POV which repeated pretty much the same as the other character. It got boring reading the same thing twice. But once we were away from the opening scene it was full of action and I did enjoy it.
This is the first Karin Slaughter book I have read and the plot was refreshing, although very frightening too as this could happen. It is not something I had read before.

I would recommend it.

Cheryl Pasquier

If you're looking for an exciting book to stash in your suitcase to read on your summer holiday, this is absolutely perfect !

The book begins with a mum shopping with her daughter, before a van pulls up in the car park. The woman is terrified that her daughter is about to be kidnapped, but it turns out that she's the victim. A few weeks later, medical examiner Sara Linton is at her parents' Georgia home, getting grilled by her mother on her relationship with Will Trent, who works at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Will, who isn't flavour of the month, is busying himself in the garden. The peaceful day is brought to a dramatic end by a car crash just down the road. Both Will and Sara rush to help, but soon discover that things aren't as simple as they seem. Sara is taken prisoner and Will is consequently forced to go undercover, desperate to find out where she has been taken and why.

I enjoyed discovering the characters of Will and Sara, who are both very different but seem to complement each other. Sara's mother, on the other hand, seems very hostile and critical of her daughter's boyfriend and I couldn't really find any redeeming features in her personality. This seemed strange, as her character is nothing but a bit part in the story, but I have since found out that this book is part of a series - the ninth Will Trent book in fact - so I'm sure a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the past. I definitely want to go back and read the others now, to get all the background to the characters. That said, it works absolutely fine as a stand-alone novel and I really enjoyed it.


The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter is another winner in the Will Trent Series of books although it also stands alone as a brilliant read. A story of terrorism, love, strong characters and good triumphing over evil.

I was asked to review The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter for Lovereading. I have read many of Karin Slaughters books so was extremely happy to do so.
The Last Widow tackles terrorism head on, following a few main characters as they try to prevent a mass murder taking place. Will Trent who is a familiar character from others in the series has to infiltrate a terrorist gang to stop their disasterous works but also to rescue his girlfriend Sara.
This novel covers many different scenarios, child abuse, kidnapping, poisoning, torture, all awful in their own right, told in a descriptive and honest way, both disturbing and hard to read, but totally necessary to the plot.
The main thing I liked about this novel in particular is that you could imagine it happening in real life and being reported on the evening news. Karin Slaughter writes in such a way that you are drawn into this world of terror and horror, every page reveals a little more of the beliefs of the main man Dash, and how he brainwashes his hand picked community, whilst all the way through you are willing Mr Trent along in his pursuit of the enemy. A great read, can't wait for the next novel!


A fast-paced action-packed page-turner of a thriller

The book opens with the kidnap of Michelle Spivvey, a scientist with the CDC.
Sara and Will are both GBI agents; Sara as a medical examiner and Will as a detective. When an explosion brings them running to a scene of a car crash, neither expects to be involved in a shoot out which ends with Sara being kidnapped by a militant white supremecist group. Sara is taken to their off-the-grids compound under the pretence of helping them cure a measles outbreak. As Sara uncovers more and more secrets to the sect, Will frantically searches to recover the woman he loves. The explosive finale reveals the reasoning behind Michelle’s kidnap.

This was a very exciting read, apart from the middle section where the action slowed. I found this a bit heavy going, whereas I raced through the opening few chapters and the ending. The overuse of rape, and the threat of rape, got a bit off-putting too. All in all, a really great thriller that would make a fantastic film or mini-series as the action would be so much easier to visualise. I’m sure this will be a summer blockbuster novel.

Lis Soane

Book nine with Dr Sara Linton and investigator Will Trent. Fabulous book that kept me gripped from page one. Karin Slaughter are always a fabulous read and this is no exception. Whether you have read the previous novels or not you will love it!

I am a Karin Slaughter fan and have read all of her previous novels. This is the 9th novel with Dr Sara Linton and investigator Will Trent and it lives up to all of the previous. The prologue section gripped you and then chapter one introduces you again to Dr Sara Linton, you realise straight away your in safe hands.
A woman called Michelle has been taken and a month later there is no sign. Why has she been taken and is there any hope she is still alive?
Sara and Will are trying to further their relationship and get her mother to accept him. Suddenly Sara is taken and Will has to go undercover to get her back.
The topics of the novel are very current and you can see in today’s world how people may seem fit to withdraw and create their own society but with every society there is negatives.
Sara finds herself facing her worst nightmare.
You could read this as a stand-alone but you will enjoy their story more if you know the past of Sara and Will.
Fantastic read!


Adrienne Kinsella

Another fast paced, intriguing crime blockbuster from Karin Slaughter. It’s a spine tingling, shocking thriller that starts with an abduction and slowly and compellingly reveals the full horror of the story.

This ninth book in the Will Trent series, follows Will, Sarah and the other central characters over four intense days, with the story being told through their eyes. I had not read any of the other books, but this did not detract from my enjoyment of this book. The story resonates in today’s world, how a fanatic can influence and control people and how he imposes his beliefs at any cost. It’s a tense read that’s at times scary and it’s filled with horrific twists and bloodshed. This book was impossible to put down as it hurtled towards it’s terrible conclusion.

Rachel Corlett

A great, easy summer read! This book is fast-paced, full of intrigue and kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning. It is a book that once opened begs to be read as the story unfolds dramatically.

This book is fast-paced, full of intrigue and kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning. It is a book that once opened begs to be read as the story unfolds dramatically. The plot is based on the disappearance of a scientist whom one of the main characters, Sara, then ends up being taken alongside. Sara's boyfriend, Will, then begins the desperate search for his lover. The kidnappers are a group of evil characters who have committed horrendous crimes, some of which make your skin crawl. This grit really adds to the story and the drama.
The story is told through the eyes of multiple characters which really adds another dimension to the book as you gain a wonderful insight into the thoughts of the many multi-faceted characters.
A great, easy summer read!

Edel Waugh Salisbury

If you want the book equivalent of an action film then here you go ! It was brilliant !

From the very start of this book it was a complete adrenaline ride of a story , intense and explosive , with danger coming from every angle and not a chance to rest on your laurels while reading it . I found myself sitting down to read a few pages and I peeked up two hours later having no clue what had happened in my own living room as I was completely emerged in the story and these characters . Although there was a lot happening and a good few characters to get to know, it was not confusing at all , just very very enjoyable, gritty and high octane .
If you want the book equivalent of an action film then here you go ! It was brilliant !

Barbara Gaskell

Karin Slaughter has an engaging and energetic storytelling style that takes you into the depths of her characters and keeps you reading to get to the end even when the clock says it is way past bedtime.

I was looking forward to reading Karin Slaughter’s latest book The Last Widow as not having read any of her books before and noting good reviews of her previous books. I was concerned that as this was book nine in the series that I would be at a disadvantage, but that was not the case. Yes, there are references to past history but this can be read as a stand-alone book.
While I found the premise, abductions, bombings and extremist groups to be obvious, they are current and I am sure would, therefore, make this book appeal to a large number of readers. There are elements of the book that are violent and brutal. Despite all this, I loved the book. Karin Slaughter has an engaging and energetic storytelling style that takes you into the depths of her characters and keeps you reading to get to the end even when the clock says it is way past bedtime.
Recommended 4 out of 5 stars

Sarah Harper

Set over a period of 4 days, acts of terrorism, kidnapping, cults and abuse are crammed into this intense, psychological thriller. With full-on action and vivid characters I swear I was holding my breath throughout.

Acts of terrorism, kidnapping, cults and abuse are crammed into this intense, psychological thriller. Why would a paramilitary group want to abduct an Epidemic Intelligence Officer specialising in vaccinology at the CDC? When medical examiner Sara Linton is snatched by the same people one month later her boyfriend Will, an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, will do whatever it takes to get her back. But this is a highly organised and efficient group of militia and they have a plan. Stopping them is not going to be easy.

Predominately set over a period of 4 days, The Last Widow is literally bursting with energy. You feel the tension of every single passing minute. The action is full-on and the characters are vivid. It almost felt like I was watching a film rather than reading a book, I could see it all so clearly and I swear I was holding my breath throughout.

This was my first Karin Slaughter and it will not be my last. She’s an accomplished writer and if The Last Widow is anything to go by, she has the ability to place the reader right in the middle of the action so that they feel that they are there, in the scene, experiencing it all first-hand. I don't feel I missed out by not having read the preceding books however I loved Will and Sara so much I want to know more. What happened to Sara’s husband and why do her parents dislike Will so much? Hmmm. I need to get my hands on the first book ASAP!

Book Information

ISBN: 9780008303389
Publication date: 13th June 2019
Author: Karin Slaughter
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 464 pages
Genres: Action Adventure / Spy, Books of the Month, Reader Reviewed Books, Crime / Mystery, Star Books, Thriller / Suspense,
Categories: Crime & mystery, Thriller / suspense,