The Road to Donetsk

by Diane Chandler

Family Drama Modern and Classic Literary Fiction

The Road to Donetsk Synopsis

It is 1994 and an idealistic Vanessa Parker enters the world of international aid, bringing with her youth and passion to do good in the ‘Wild East’ of Ukraine after the sudden collapse of communism. The country and its people completely win her heart. As does Dan, a jaded American Deputy Bureau Chief of USAID.

Older, wiser, Dan laughs at Vanessa’s naivety. Corruption is rife. The mind-set of the Ukrainian people is at times impenetrable. Her efforts to coordinate millions of dollars worth of aid are met with ridicule, whilst the British aid experts throw up smoke screens. At times thwarted, Vanessa’s determination to help is set when she meets the resourceful, magnificent wives of a Donetsk mining village threatened with pit closures.

But then Dan springs a bolt from the blue, which throws her into turmoil...
In a world where millions of dollars can either wash away in a moment’s corruption, or turn around the lives of the neediest, Vanessa is then forced to pit her own naive desire to make a difference against the chaos of a country and people in transition.

The Road to Donetsk Press Reviews

 “A touching love story that illuminates the aid business. Compelling and enjoyable.” CLARE SHORT (former Secretary of State for International Development). 

“Lifts the lid on aid.” LYNN CURTIS, literary consultant

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ISBN: 9780993092244
Publication date: 09/12/2014
Publisher: Blackbird Digital Books
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780993092244
Publication date: 9th December 2014
Author: Diane Chandler
Publisher: Blackbird Digital Books
Format: Paperback
Genres: Family Drama, Literary Fiction,

About Diane Chandler

Diane Chandler was born and bred in Derby, England. After graduating in Modern Languages, she worked at the European Commission in Brussels for several years. There, she managed European social regeneration programmes in coal and steel regions, and then overseas aid programmes in Ukraine just after the fall of communism. Ukraine soon worked its way into her heart, and she travelled there extensively. Back in London, when Diane married and her daughter was born, she was able to pursue her passion for writing in those few hours she could snatch, and she chose Ukraine as a setting. The Road to ...

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