Bookworms, Dog-Ears and Squashy Big Armchairs A Book Lover's Alphabet

by Heather Reyes

The Real World

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Heather Reyes is an Ambassador for the cause of reading real books and buying them in real bookshops. Her informational book about books will remind you (if you need reminding) of the pleasures of reading, the delight in happenstance when you find just the book you want in a well-stocked bookshop, the wonder of stepping into another life courtesy of the author. Add to this some background information on the books you read and buy make this, dare I say it, the ideal book to keep by any bibliophile’s loo.

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A 'Piece of Passion' from the author...

Why are books and reading so important to me? I don't come from a particularly literary family, but the discovery, in youth of how books can take you into different worlds, educate your feelings and your understanding of people very different from yourself and, in a sense, give you lots of lives, not just condemn you to your own, necessarily restricted one, has made me a passionate advocate of reading. It led me to teach literature for twenty years before moving into editing and more serious writing (I was already beginning to get published during my teaching years). It was Russian literature that first got me seriously 'hooked on books' (I write about how this happened in An Everywhere), and I still sometimes go back to it to re-experience that initial excitement. I've recently re-read War and Peace - and it's even better than I remembered it. Or maybe the years have given me more to bring to it. Or maybe, having done battle with the novel form myself, I realise just what a stupendous achievement that book is. Everyone should read it!

Sue Baker

Bookworms, Dog-Ears and Squashy Big Armchairs A Book Lover's Alphabet Synopsis

From the author of the much-praised An Everywhere: a little book about reading, Bookworms, Dog-Ears and Squashy Big Armchairs: a Book Lover's Alphabet is a hugely entertaining, original and informative A - Z of everything you ever wanted to know about books.


Enjoy over 250 thought-provoking and fascinating entries and book facts, plus talking points, recommendations and games to play with books. The perfect gift for all book lovers and an invaluable resource for every book group.

Bookworms, Dog-Ears and Squashy Big Armchairs A Book Lover's Alphabet Press Reviews

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ISBN: 9780992636463
Publication date: 13/11/2014
Publisher: Oxygen Books
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780992636463
Publication date: 13th November 2014
Author: Heather Reyes
Publisher: Oxygen Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 272 pages
Genres: The Real World,
Categories: Literary companions, book reviews & guides, Gift books,

About Heather Reyes

Heather Reyes is author of two novels, Zade and Miranda Road, and An Everywhere: a little book about reading - and its 'companion' gift book, Bookworms, Dog-ears, and Squashy Big Armchairs: a book-lover's alphabet, published this autumn. She has also published many short stories, along with essays and reviews of contemporary literature and Virginia Woolf. She has edited nine anthologies of writing about cities for the Oxygen Books' city-pick series - on Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Venice, New York, St Petersburg and Istanbul. She's a dedicated lover of cities, jazz, classical music, art, photography, theatre ... and books.   Author ...

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