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Turney Duff - Author

About the Author

Turney Duff has worked on Wall Street since 1994, including at Morgan Stanley, the Galleon Group, Argus Partners, and J.L. Berkowitz.

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The Buy Side A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess

The Buy Side A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess

Author: Turney Duff Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 13/07/2017

The Buy Side is Turney Duff's high-adrenaline journey through the trading underworld, as well as a searing look at an after-hours Wall Street culture where sex and drugs are the quid pro quo and a billion isn't enough. In the mid-2000's, Turney Duff was, to all appearances, the very picture of American success. One of Wall Street's hottest traders, he was a rising star with Raj Rajaratnam's legendary Galleon Group before forging his own path. What few knew was that the key to Turney's remarkable success wasn't a super-genius IQ or family connections but rather a winning personality - because the real money wasn't made on the trading floor or behind a computer screen, but in whispered deals in the city's most exclusive nightspots, surrounded by the best drugs and hottest women. For Turney, this created a perilously seductive cycle: the harder he partied, the more connected and successful he became, which meant he could party even harder. In time, he became a walking paradox, an addictive mess after hours, and King of the Street from nine to five. Along the way, he learned some important lessons about himself, and the too-wild-to-believe world of Wall Street trading. In The Buy Side, the money is plentiful and the after-hours indulgence even more so, which has proved to be a bestselling and box office winning combination, as the success of The Wolf of Wall Street attests. Fans of Martin Scorsese's film and Michael Lewis's Liar's Poker and The Big Short will want to take a walk on The Buy Side.

Buy Side

Buy Side

Author: Turney Duff Format: eBook Release Date: 20/11/2014

Ein Buch aus dem Herzen des Finanzsystems - uber seine Schattenseiten. Ein packendes Buch uber eine Welt, in der Sex und Drogen zum Alltag gehoren und Milliardensummen an den gehen, der bereit ist, das Notige dafur zu tun. An der Borse gibt es eine klare Hackordnung: Die Trader auf der "e;Buy Side"e;, die mit dem Geld milliardenschwerer Klienten jonglieren, sind die Herren im Ring. Die Kollegen auf der "e;Sell Side"e; arbeiten fur die Broker, die die Orders der Buy Side ausfuhren. Turney Duff schaffte es auf die "e;Buy Side"e;. In seinen besten Zeiten erzielte er ein siebenstelliges Jahreseinkommen - und lebte in Saus und Braus. Penthouse, Luxus, Alkohol und Drogen - er lie so gut wie nichts aus. Erst als ihn das Kokain fast umgebracht hatte, schaffte er den Absprung. Turney Duff nimmt den Leser mit auf eine Reise in eine Welt voller Exzesse und Korruption, wie wir sie uns kaum vorstellen konnen.

Buy Side

Buy Side

Author: Turney Duff Format: eBook Release Date: 04/06/2013

New York Times BestsellerThe Buy Side, by former Galleon Group trader Turney Duff, portrays an after-hours Wall Street culture where drugs and sex are rampant and billions in trading commissions flow to those who dangle the most enticements. A remarkable writing debut, filled with indelible moments, The Buy Side shows as no book ever has the rewards and dizzying temptations of making a living on the Street.Growing up in the 1980's Turney Duff was your average kid from Kennebunk, Maine, eager to expand his horizons. After trying and failing to land a job as a journalist, he secured a trainee position at Morgan Stanley and got his first feel for the pecking order that exists in the trading pits. Those on the ';buy side,' the traders who make large bets on whether a stock will rise or fall, are the ';alphas' and those on the ';sell side,' the brokers who handle their business, are eager to please.How eager to please was brought home stunningly to Turney in 1999 when he arrived at the Galleon Group, a colossal hedge-fund management firm run by secretive founder Raj Rajaratnam. Finally in a position to trade on his own, Turney was encouraged to socialize with the sell side and siphon from his new broker friends as much information as possible. Soon he was not just vacuuming up valuable tips but also being lured into a variety of hedonistic pursuits. Nave enough to believe he could keep up the lifestyle without paying a price, he managed to keep an eye on hisbuy-and-sell charts and, meanwhile, pondered the strange goings on at Galleon, where tens of millions were being made each week in sometimes mysterious ways. At his next positions, at Argus Partners and J.L. Berkowitz, Turney climbed to even higher heights and, as it turned out, plummeted to even lower depths as, by day, he solidified his reputation one of the Street's most powerful healthcare traders, and by night, he blazed a path through the city's nightclubs, showing off his social genius and voraciously inhaling any drug that would fill the void he felt inside.A mesmerizingly immersive journey through Wall Street's first millennial decade, and a poignant self portrait by a young man who surely would have destroyed himself were it not for his decision to walk away from a seven-figure annual income, The Buy Side is one of the best coming-of-age-on-the-Street books ever written.From the Hardcover edition.