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Magenta Skies: Rise Of The Berserkers

"I think that this would be an interesting book for those who enjoy darker science-fiction and fantasy reads."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A dark action story with a unique blend of science-fiction and fantasy. Described as the first book in the Berserkers series, ‘Magenta Skies: Rise Of The Berserkers’ by J.R. Manga combines sci-fi and supernatural in a high-octane fight for survival. As this book dives straight into the action, referencing monsters that have been encountered before, I would personally recommend starting off this series by reading Magenta Skies (Universe of the Trinity), which is said to be a standalone prequel but I think would be helpful in terms of getting to grips with the world building and being able to fully immerse yourself in the start of the story. Society and life on Titan is at risk from a great malevolent force, the only ones that have a chance of stopping it are Reo, the orphaned son of a shadowy underground family and a motley crew of dangerous criminals who all have unique powers. The story is told from multiple perspectives, allowing the reader to understand the plot from all sides, with various threads gradually coming together. The storytelling is highly descriptive and each of the characters are well-drawn, with their own flaws, motives and chequered pasts. I also liked the blend of science fiction and the supernatural, with the advanced technology, alien threats as well as vampires seeking to thrive. A lot happens throughout the book, and there are plenty of questions left to be answered in future books. There’s twists and turns and nice changes of pace so that I never knew what was going to happen next, which held my interest. I liked the variety in the characters, they’re all very good anti-heroes and the female characters are strong and varied. I think that this would be an interesting book for those who enjoy darker science-fiction and fantasy reads.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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What more could you want in a story, except for the next book in this brilliant series?

Characterisation is superb, action is fast, descriptions are creative and graphic, plot is totally absorbing. Monsters. Vampires. Heroes. Camaraderie. Humour. Love. A cliff hanger ending.... Read Full Review

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