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The Hollow Throne

"Live with the tribes battling for survival at Hadrian’s Wall in this glorious slice of adventurous historical fiction."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

This historical novel ticks all the boxes, it’s thrilling, emotional, and oh-so believable. It’s the last in the Sarmatian Trilogy, yet my first foray and I’ve sent it to the ranks of our LoveReading Star Books, so can most definitely be read as a standalone. I would recommend going back to the beginning and reading A Winter War to start your journey into the far north. The Hollow Throne is set in AD180, the local tribes are besieged by the Painted People who turn their gaze towards the Romans. Author Tim Leach has created the most vivid world either side of the wall, the countryside and ways of the tribes fell into place around me. The characters are vibrantly authentic, and although this was our first meeting, they felt known to me. I lived within the pages as I read, the plot consumed me and I was emotionally invested in all that happened. In fact, I was so captivated, I was in that wonderful position of wanting to read as quickly as I could to discover what happened, while savouring each and every word. I will admit to tears falling at one point, so while full of action and adventure there is a beautiful emotional reach within. The ending comes with majestic and fierce intensity and we just had to include this novel as a Book of the Month. Make sure you set some quality reading time aside for The Hollow Thorne, it’s powerful, provocative, and comes with a whopping thumbs up from me.

Liz Robinson

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