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The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us - A Diary

"A beautifully-illustrated, lyrically-told account of nature’s capacity to mend and inspire us through the year."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Compellingly personal, and resplendent with hand-drawn illustrations, Emma Mitchell's The Wild Remedy is a treat for confirmed nature-lovers, and a trove of inspiration for those of us who are looking for fresh ways to enrich and mend our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Charting the author’s observations of nature through the year, this diaristic delight frames its purpose in the context of “the countryside being a means of easing melancholy, inspiring creative thought and hastening recovery”. A context made all the more profound in view of the fact that the author has suffered with depression for 25 years, and finds much solace in nature.

Reading this honest, generous-spirited book feels a little like you’re exploring trails and lesser-trodden paths alongside the author, encountering all manner of birds, blooms, butterflies and shoreline finds along the winding way. Packed with personal insights and wonderfully sensory descriptions of the natural world, this will surely inspire many of us to turn to the awe-inspiring outdoors to find joy and peace in the coming year.

Joanne Owen

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