Last Flight to Stalingrad

Hardback edition released 07/01/2021

by Graham Hurley

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LoveReading Expert Review of Last Flight to Stalingrad

The fight for Stalingrad during the Second World War features in this dynamic, intelligent and commanding slice of historical fiction.

An intelligent, intricately plotted, and fabulously readable foray into The Second World War from a German perspective. Three men, Werner Nehmann from the Ministry of Propaganda, Georg Messner aide to Generaloberst Richthofen, and Wilhelm Schultz from the Military Intelligence Service, find themselves in the thick of the German attempt to capture Stalingrad. This is the fifth book in Graham Hurley’s Spoils of War series, featuring historical and fictional characters from different countries. Here the focus is Germany and we delve into the minds of such historical figures as Goebbels and Richthofen. It is however, the three fictional characters, in particular Werner, who take centre stage. In the main the story remains at a distance from direct fighting, nonetheless I was left in no doubt as to the reality of conflict. The mysteries of propaganda and intelligence wield their shadowy magic. This an intimate story set on a huge scale, the personal stories of the characters really highlights the struggle of the individual during war. Last Flight to Stalingrad is a dynamic, commanding slice of historical fiction that I highly recommend as one of our LoveReading Star Books.

Liz Robinson

Last Flight to Stalingrad Synopsis

Berlin, 1942.

For four years, the men in field grey have helped themselves to country after country across Western Europe.

For Werner Nehmann, a journalist at the Promi - the Ministry of Propaganda - this dizzying series of victories has felt like a party without end. But now the Reich's attention has turned towards the East, and as winter sets in, the mood is turning.

Werner's boss, Joseph Goebbels, can sense it. A small man with a powerful voice and coal-black eyes, Goebbels has a deep understanding the dark arts of manipulation. His words, his newsreels, have shaken Germany awake, propelling it towards its greater destiny and he won't let - he can't let - morale falter now. But the Minister of Propaganda is uneasy and in his discomfort has pulled Werner into his close confidence.

And here, amid the power struggle between the Nazi Chieftains, Werner will make his mistake and begin his descent into the hell of Stalingrad...

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781788547543
Publication date: 7th January 2021
Author: Graham Hurley
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 416 pages
Collections: 2021 Preview - Exciting New Books on the Horizon, Around the World in 80+ Historical Novels., 50+ Novels Based on Real Events or People, Ten Novels with a Russian Influence,
Primary Genre Espionage and Spy Thriller
Other Genres:

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'Tense, absorbing and faultlessly plotted, this thoughtful thriller weaves it all together' Sunday Times Crime Club (Star Pick).

'Liked this. Went someway to plugging the ginormous hole that Philip Kerr sad passing has left in my life' Dermot O'Leary.

'Hurley brings an almost noirlike sensibility to the surprising finale' Booklist.

'So well-written you can smell the sweat and taste the fear' Peter May.

'Beautifully constructed, the result is compelling and richly entertaining' Daily Mail.

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Last Flight to Stalingrad
Last Flight to Stalingrad
Last Flight to Stalingrad
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