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To the Elephant Graveyard

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To the Elephant Graveyard Synopsis

';Introduces us to the darker side of the Asian elephant. It is more of a thriller than a straightforward travel book... insightful and sensitive.' Literary Review On India's northeast frontier, a killer elephant is on the rampage, stalking Assam's paddy fields and murdering dozens of farmers. Local forestry officials, powerless to stop the elephant, call in one of India's last licensed elephant hunters and issue a warrant for the rogue's destruction. Reading about the ensuing hunt in a Delhi newspaper, journalist Tarquin Hall flies to Assam to investigate. To the Elephant Graveyard is the compelling account of the search for a killer elephant in the northeast corner of India, and a vivid portrait of the Khasi tribe, who live intimately with the elephants. Though it seems a world of peaceful coexistence between man and beast, Hall begins to see that the elephants are suffering, having lost their natural habitat to the destruction of the forests and modernization. Hungry, confused, and with little forest left to hide in, herds of elephants are slowly adapting to domestication, but many are resolute and furious. Often spellbinding with excitement, like ';a page-turning detective tale' (Publishers Weekly), To the Elephant Graveyard is also intimate and moving, as Hall magnificently takes us on a journey to a place whose ancient ways are fast disappearing with the ever-shrinking forest.';Hall is to be congratulated on writing a book that promises humor and adventure, and delivers both.' The Spectator';Travel writing that wonderfully hits on all cylinders.' Booklist';A wonderful book that should become a classic.' Daily Mail

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780802158383
Publication date: 3rd March 2020
Author: Tarquin Hall
Publisher: Grove Atlantic
Format: Ebook (Epub)