Socialism in Russia Lenin and His Legacy, 1890-1991

by John Gooding

Socialism in Russia Lenin and His Legacy, 1890-1991 Synopsis

This book asks three fundamental questions about the socialist experiment in twentieth-century Russia: How did Marxist ideas come to be implemented in Russia, a country entirely unsuited to them? Why did the experiment lead to such suffering and upheaval and prove so fruitless? And why did the attempt to return to a proper Marxism/Leninism bring about the rapid collapse of the experiment. In its answers, this book pays special attention to the shadow cast by Lenin throughout the entire Soviet era.

Socialism in Russia Lenin and His Legacy, 1890-1991 Press Reviews

'Gooding has written a lucid and cogent commentary on the Soviet experiment in socialism, evaluating the various leaders and their policies in the light of how they contributed or detracted from the socialist project. It is an ideal introduction to Soviet history for those who are taking up the subject, and a stimulating interpretation for those who are already familiar with the subject of Gooding's book.' - James D. White, University of Glasgow, EHR

Book Information

ISBN: 9780333972359
Publication date: 3rd December 2001
Author: John Gooding
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 287 pages
Categories: European history, 20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000, Marxism & Communism, Socialism & left-of-centre democratic ideologies,

About John Gooding

JOHN GOODING is Reader in History at the University of Edinburgh, and the author of Rulers and Subjects: Government and People in Russia, 1801-1991.

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