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Once a Pilgrim

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

February 2018 Debut of the Month.

Simply superb, this is a dark, gritty and stormingly fast read with real attitude. Formerly of the SAS, John Carr is now working in private security for a Russian, however the past is stalking him, ready to take his legs, and his life. If I tell you that the author James Deegan spent 17 years in the SAS and was described by his commanding officer as one of the most operationally experienced SAS men of his era, it should tell you all you need to know about the validity of his voice. The book begins with the CV of John Carr, it really sets the tone, gives you an understanding of his background, allowing the story to explode from the get-go. James Deegan delivers short punchy sentences, simply told, yet the words took hold of me, dumped me in the middle of the action, made my breath stop and my heart race. Once A Pilgrim bristles with energy and authenticity, it is an addictive, absolute whammy of read and I loved it - highly recommended.

Liz Robinson

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Primary Genre Espionage and Spy Thriller


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Reader Reviews

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A story that will keep you gripped to the end.

Meet John Carr, ex SAS man who has found another life since recently leaving. But his past is about to catch up with him and it’s time to return to the old ways.

John Carr has recently left the SAS but the book takes time to share his great achievements and why he was respected in his role. He has forged a new & well paid life for himself where is happy in what he does. But his time in Ireland is about to catch up with him. The police are looking into past cases but not everyone can be trusted and the news of John Carr’s exploits are discovered and revenge is attempted.... Read Full Review

Cathy Small

A book I didn't want to put down. Many more to come I hope.

John Carr ex SAS had been deployed to many hot spots while serving. Now Head of UK security for a Russian business man. Always aware of danger, he has a second sense of anything out of the ordinary. This has come in useful when the past comes back to haunt him.... Read Full Review

Carole Tuckett

A gripping and enthralling page turner. You must read this book!

James Deegan has produced a cracking story, fast moving and enthralling.  An ex-member of the SAS, he clearly knows his stuff, but also has the ability to write in a way which makes a believable, gripping story, which I stayed up far too late to finish, as I couldn't put it down!  The story delves into the history of the troubles in Northern Ireland and shows how our actions in the past can come back to haunt us.  The hero, John Carr, is a proper action man, who shows that he can look after himself and those he cares about in a very emphatic way.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it as a very good read.

Susan Wallace