A Ration Book Victory

by Jean Fullerton

Part of the Ration Book series Series

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LoveReading Expert Review of A Ration Book Victory

An evocative and vivid multi-generational family saga set in World War Two, focusing on the Brogan’s in the East End of London.

Satisfying, convincing, and rewarding, the final book of the Ration Book series is appropriately set in the last months of the war. Even more appropriately the focus is matriarch Queenie (a particular favourite of mine), and we float between her early life in Ireland, and the Queenie in her 70’s of the Second World War. If you haven’t yet started, I would recommend going back to the beginning of this series with A Ration Book Dream as A Ration Book Victory is a coming together of storylines and characters. It is obvious that Jean Fullerton has a passion as well as well researched knowledge about this period. You can feel the life on the home front, the ploys to stretch your food, the fear for loved ones fighting, living life on the edge waiting for a silent V2 to explode into your life. As ever, the characters feel vibrantly real and the plot ticks along highlighting Queenie’s life. Her strength of will is apparent as we visit her in Ireland, and the feelings she still holds for her first love are heartbreaking. The trademark humour surrounding this character is very much on show, often coming out punching as a result of her fiery nature when protecting the people she loves. For those who have adored this series from the beginning, A Ration Book Victory is a fitting end to a compelling and poignant wartime family saga.

Liz Robinson

A Ration Book Victory Synopsis

Jean Fullerton, the RNA-shortlisted queen of the East End, returns with the final nostalgic and heart-warming story of the Brogan family.

In the final days of war, only love will pull her through . . .

Queenie Brogan wasn't always an East End matriarch. Many years ago, before she married Fergus, she was Philomena Dooley, a daughter of Irish Travellers, planning to wed her childhood sweetheart, Patrick Mahone. But when tragedy struck and Patrick's narrow-minded sister, Nora, intervened, the lovers were torn apart.

Fate can be cruel, and when Queenie arrives in London she finds that Patrick Mahon is her parish priest, and that the love she had tried to suppress flares again in her heart.

But now in the final months of WW2, Queenie discovers Father Mahon is dying and must face losing him forever. Can she finally tell him the secret she has kept for over fifty years or will Nora once again come between them?

And if Queenie does decide to finally tell Patrick, could the truth destroy the Brogan family?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781838950941
Publication date: 5th May 2022
Author: Jean Fullerton
Publisher: Corvus
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 368 pages
Primary Genre Sagas
Other Genres:

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Jean Fullerton Press Reviews

Richly-textured and engrossing... Jean Fullerton's meticulous research and background knowledge enable her to create a wholly convincing and engaging wartime novel... Completely immersive. With humour to lighten the mood as well it can be laugh-out-loud funny as well as deeply poignant, but it is the emotional richness and heart to the book that draws the story together and makes this such a rewarding read. - Nicola Cornick, Historia, on A Ration Book Childhood

Lovely... The author's writing captures the atmosphere and emotions and difficulties of life during wartime. It is a great piece of historical fiction which centres on World War II... The book was an emotional read with a few tears along the way. - New Books Magazine, on A Ration Book Childhood

Charming and full of detail... You will ride emotional highs and lows... Beautifully written. - The Lady on Jean Fullerton

A real page-turner with larger-than-life characters and convincing period detail - Daily Express, praise for A Ration Book Christmas

A lovely, fascinating, proper treat of a read set during the Blitz of World War Two... A Ration Book Christmas is food for the soul, it's simply deliciously readable and enjoyable. - Liz Robinson, LoveReading, on A Ration Book Christmas

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ISBN: 9781838950941
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About Jean Fullerton

Jean Fullerton is a native Londoner and was born in the East End within the sound of Bow Bells. Until she was five her family lived in Wapping, alongside the Thames, and then moved to Stepney. She is a trained nurse and teaches healthcare and nursing. No Cure for Love won the 2006 bi-annual Harry Bowling Prize for a novel set in London and written by an unpublished author. Jean's husband is a Church of England vicar, and his parish includes the site of the 2012 Olympic Games. She has three daughters.  

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A Ration Book Victory
A Ration Book Victory
A Ration Book Victory
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