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Rag-and-Bone Christmas

"With drama and atmosphere this is a reading feast for lovers of romantic saga novels."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

With enough family drama and romance to please the most fervid romantic saga novel fan. This would also make a perfect gift as it starts and finishes at Christmas, with all the turmoil and excitement that the year between brings. As Sally Suggs struggles to continue the family rag-and-bone round in 1865, help comes from unexpected quarters. Sally is feisty, compassionate, and thoughtful, with two men quite obviously interested in her, she has a number of difficult decisions to make. Author Dilly Court has been writing novels for 15 years, and this is her 40th novel. She skilfully creates a story that gathers interesting characters, intrigue, and historical atmosphere to its heart. Rag-and-Bone Christmas is a warm-hearted, page-turning, festive feast of a novel.

To find out more about Dilly Court, visit our LoveReadingLoves Channel - Fall in Love with Dilly Court 

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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Another beautiful book from Dilly Court.

Another beautiful book from Dilly Court. I'm so glad I got to read another of her books. This is what I get excited about!

I previously came across her work and swept through one of her series, and I recommend anyone looked into her works and does the same. 

She's done it again with this book. Which is a beautiful telling of what family does for each other, and what love is all about. A beautiful story with likeable characters interspersed throughout. Dilly Court always manages to write books that you want to snuggle down with. They are the perfect cosy Christmas read.

Kate Thacker

This was such a good story with strong characters and a powerful plot. Well worth reading.

Prepare to be impressed. This book tells a wonderful story that is both gripping and serious, but also has a light touch with much humour. It is a very readable book and I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially if you want a dip into the world of the nineteenth century 'rag and bone man' family. The novel, which takes place in the latter half of the nineteenth century, centres round Sally, who attempts to carry on the family rag and bone business when her father falls ill. It is a time of poverty for many, and the work is heavy and difficult with much competition. Sally's major competitor, Finn Kelly, tries to help but Sally does not fully trust him. The one asset she does have is her horse Flower, who plays a major part in the story.

The characters are strongly drawn and memorable.

maxine broadbent

An enjoyable easy read, historical romance, based around the Rag and Bone trade in London. Lovely descriptions of working class life at the time with romance and intrigue thrown in.

The story is real feel-good romantic historical fiction. Sally Suggs works on her father's rag and bone cart alongside him, but when he falls ill she has to make ends meet. Throughout the novel she deals with unscrupulous characters, loveable ones and a couple of men that she has feelings for but not sure which way to turn. 

The storyline is simple but keeps you captured and wanting to find out what happens next. An easy read, the print is in a large font, which although making the book thicker means you get through it quickly.

Glenda Worth