A Clatter of Chains

by A. van Wyck


LoveReading Expert Review of A Clatter of Chains

I think that ‘A Clatter of Chains’ and the rest of the series will provide hours of entertainment for fans of high and epic fantasy.

 ‘A Clatter of Chains’ by A Van Wyck is the first in ‘The Waking Worlds’ epic fantasy series which sees ancient magic return to a theocracy, with a host of long forgotten threats fast on its heels. In long flowing chapters we meet Marco, an orphan, a novice who resides at Temple and is studying under the priests there, who is prone to bad luck and finds himself out of his depth on a diplomatic mission. We also meet Jiminy, a thief who is forced to flee his home to evade preternatural monsters, set on a path that could lead to a destruction of the Empire. The novel begins in interesting circumstances and as a reader you are at once given a brief history of the Heli Empire and placed in a world of magic and enchantments. I finished the prologue with lots of questions and I was eager to find the answers for them. I liked the world-building aspect of this fantasy novel, it seemed natural to me, with some of the foundation level information provided early on as part of Marco’s lessons. I read eager to find out whether Jiminy and Marco would be connected. The storyline twists and makes you wait for answers but it sets a pace that I enjoyed, fast enough to keep me engaged but not so fast that I couldn’t keep the events straight in my head. Ending on an intriguing epilogue that hints at what might happen in the next book, I think that ‘A Clatter of Chains’ and the rest of the series will provide hours of entertainment for fans of high and epic fantasy.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

A Clatter of Chains Synopsis

A well-meaning priest performs unsanctioned magic to cure a wild boy's madness. What he suppresses instead is a dark creature from the distant past.

Despite his blessed life at Temple, novice Marco is prone to bad luck. When the tides of Imperial politics sweep him off on a diplomatic mission, he finds himself far out of his depth.

Jiminy, a sneak thief, is hounded from his desert home by preternatural pursuers. Ending up in the empire was not the plan. But it seems the priests may have a career-making commission for him.

As ancient magic slowly seeps back into the world, long-forgotten threats worm through the cracks.

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ISBN: 9798721831485
Publication date: 1st February 2016
Author: A. van Wyck
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Fantasy

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ISBN: 9798721831485
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