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Heart of Granite by James Barclay

Heart of Granite

Part of the Blood & Fire Series
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Fantasy readers will likely be familiar with Barclay’s engaging bunch of bickering heroes The Raven. Rightly praised by David Gemmell, The Raven novels brought a welcome humour to the idea of the hard-bitten group of adventurers and launched a bestselling career for Barclay. Think the pleasures of the interaction between groups like The Avengers and The Magnificent Seven and the sorts of heroic endeavours that Joe Abercrombie and Jen Williams excel at.

Now Barclay is bringing these qualities to a novel that is otherwise something of a departure for him. In the future we have discovered an organic alien technology. Being human we, of course, used that tech to create terrifying weapons and destroyed ourselves and did much to ruin the world. The remains of humanity are now engaged in a war across the remains of the world. Inhabiting vast alien-behemoths (think the monsters Loki unleashed at the end of Avengers Assemble) we trawl the deserts looking for resources. The behemoths are defended by squadrons of drakes “flown” by young pilots who are mentally bonded to their steeds. If this all sounds a little too far out bear with me. Barclay grounds this via excellent characters, sharp dialogue, thrilling action and the discovery, by our hero Max, of a chilling conspiracy. Think Top Gun with dragons and you’re there ~ Simon Spanton

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Heart of Granite by James Barclay

The world has become a battleground in a war which no side is winning. But for those determined to retain power, the prolonged stalemate cannot be tolerated so desperate measures must be taken. Max Halloran has no idea. He's living the brief and glorious life of a hunter-killer pilot. He's an ace in the air, on his way up through the ranks, in love, and with his family's every need provided for in thanks for his service, Max has everything ...right up until he hears something he shouldn't have, and refuses to let it go. Suddenly he's risking his life and the lives of all those he cares about for a secret which could expose corruption at the highest levels, and change the course of the war. One man, one brief conversation ...a whole world of trouble ...


'Barclay does dragons the way dragons should be: fire-breathing death-from-above terror machines; the only things more badass are the people who ride them' Stephen Deas

About the Author

James Barclay
James Barclay is in his thirties and lives in Maida Vale. In addition to writing novels he is an advertising manager for a leading city investment house.

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18th August 2016


James Barclay

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Gollancz an imprint of Orion Publishing Co


416 pages


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