Anansi Boys

by Neil Gaiman

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LoveReading Expert Review of Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman is amazing, so clever and innovative.  This one shares some characters with his last, American Gods, but stands completely alone.  Any readers of his Sandman graphic novels will know that Neil can take mythology and turn it on its head with wit and charm.  The style is light and comical, harking back to Good Omens which he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett.  New readers have a treat in store.  Altogether a marvellous book written by a marvellous author.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Comparison: Michael Marshall Smith, Clive Barker, Chaz Brenchley.
Similar this month: None but try Susanna Clarke.

Sarah Broadhurst

Anansi Boys Synopsis

THE NO.1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, AND COMPANION NOVEL TO AMERICAN GODS. 'Neil could never have known that he was writing for a confused Jamaican kid who, without even knowing it, was still staggering from centuries of erasure of his own gods and monsters' MARLON JAMES 'A warm, funny, immensely entertaining story about the impossibility of putting up with your relations - especially if they happen to be Gods' SUSANNA CLARKE 'It's virtually impossible to read more than ten words by Neil Gaiman and not wish he would tell you the rest of the story' OBSERVER --- 'People think that funny and serious are mutually exclusives. They think they're opposites, and that's not actually true' NEIL GAIMAN --- Everything changes for Fat Charlie Nancy, the South London boy so called by his father, the day his dad drops dead while doing karaoke. Charlie didn't know his estranged father was a god - Anansi the trickster, master of mischief and social disorder. He never knew he had a brother either. Now brother Spider is on his doorstep, about to make life more interesting . . . and a lot more dangerous. It's a meeting that will take Fat Charlie from his London home to Florida, the Caribbean, and the very beginning of the world itself. Or the end of the world, depending on which way you're looking. NEIL GAIMAN. WITH STORIES COME POSSIBILITIES. --- **Includes reading-group discussion questions and an interview with Neil Gaiman**

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ISBN: 9781472283344
Publication date: 18th March 2021
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing an imprint of Headline Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 496 pages
Primary Genre Fantasy

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About Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is the acclaimed and award-winning author of the novels American Gods, Stardust, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. Winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Bram Stoker Awards, his work has been adapted for film, television, and radio, including Stardust (2007) and the BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated animated feature film Coraline (2009). He has written scripts for 'Doctor Who' and collaborated with Terry Pratchett, and The Sandman is already established as one of the classic graphic novels. As George R. R. Martin says, 'There's no one quite like Neil Gaiman'.Author photo © Kimberley Butler

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Anansi Boys
Anansi Boys
Anansi Boys
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