Win at Losing

by Sam Weinman

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Win at Losing Synopsis

An engaging, inspiring exploration of the surprising value of setbacks-and how we can use them to succeed

As an award-winning sports journalist, Sam Weinman has long studied the ripple effects of losing. But as a father of two competitive boys, he struggled to convince them that failing-whether losing a hockey game or bombing a math test-can actually be a critical part of success. So he sought out the perspectives of men and women who have turned significant setbacks into meaningful comebacks-and sometimes even new careers-to illustrate how we can not only overcome defeat but grow stronger from the experience.

Blending firsthand interviews and advice from professional athletes, business executives, politicians, and Hollywood stars with expert analysis from leading psychologists and coaches, Win at Losing reveals how renowned figures-from Emmy Award-winning actress Susan Lucci to golfer Greg Norman and politician Michael Dukakis-have prevailed and even triumphed in the aftermath of loss, humiliation, and rejection. In showcasing the ways our most difficult moments can be turned into powerful growth opportunities, this lively and moving guide asks readers to redefine what constitutes success and failure, and offers an essential blueprint for harnessing the power of setbacks to achieve what we want in life.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781469035451
Publication date: 1st January 2017
Author: Sam Weinman
Publisher: Ascent Audio
Format: Audiobook
Primary Genre Business and Management
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ISBN: 9781469035451
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Format: Audiobook

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