Madagascar Unknown

by Charlie Barrett

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LoveReading Expert Review of Madagascar Unknown

The author of this book planned his 3 month trip round Madagascar.

It wasn't easy as the roads are not good, public transport virtually non existent. 2 small railway lines. This is not the Madagascar of the glossy holiday brochure, this is the real island with real people. Dirt roads that get swept away in the rains, transport in high wheeled converted lorries, often braking down.

I loved every minute of this book. Real travelling and exploring. He must be a nice guy as people did help him in spite of his lack of French and non existent Malagasy.

He managed to go from North to South, East to West, through rivers and up mountains. Loved the Mangoes on the trees, eat with the locals. He managed to see lots of different animals, lemurs especially. Birds and insects galore. Real stuff.

This is a proper guide to an island and a well written story. I loved it.

Jocelyn Garvey, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Madagascar Unknown Synopsis

When Charlie Barrett decided to explore Madagascar independently, he had two problems. The roads are terrible. And so little information is known about the remoter parts of the country that they are not even mapped. Undeterred, Charlie embarked on an epic, three-month solo adventure off the beaten track to discover this amazing place – entirely by public transport. In a journey of nearly 3,000 miles by bus, truck, train, water and on foot, he is confounded by potholes, breakdowns and broken bridges on some of the worst routes on the planet.

Along the way, encounters with cattle rustlers, stylish pastors, a speeding undertaker, the ghetto in Antananarivo and lemur-watching in breathtaking national parks propel him right to the core of real life on this sometimes heartbreaking, yet always magical, island.

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ISBN: 9781916224629
Publication date: 27th October 2019
Author: Charlie Barrett
Publisher: Charlie Barrett
Format: Paperback
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Madagascar Unknown Reader Reviews

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If you enjoy travel or travel shows then this is a good story for you. It is a great reminder of how much of the world that we miss when we just see a tourist journey.

If you enjoy travel or travel shows then this is a good story for you. It tracks a journey across Madagascar but not a touristy one. I enjoyed hearing of the public transport travel across challenging roads. It shows the warmth of human nature as they try to help him achieve his travel requirements. It is a great reminder of how much of the world that we miss when we just see a tourist journey. 

Cathy Small

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ISBN: 9781916224629
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