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Hitler's Forgotten Children My Life Inside the Lebensborn by Ingrid von Oelhafen, Tim Tate

Hitler's Forgotten Children My Life Inside the Lebensborn

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It's hard for anyone rooted in their identity, their nationality and family history to know what it can be like to have none of those things. To have to spend over 15 years of your life searching out who you really are and what was done to you – all in the name of Aryan superiority. The Nazi regime had, under Himmler instigated the idea of Lebensborn, places where suitably “Aryan” women, married or otherwise could give birth to children who – under this crazy theory would go on to fulfil the dreams of the Reich. With the numbers of Lebensborn children falling, their numbers were added to by children – again suitably “Aryan” looking – stolen from their parents in occupied territories. This is what happened to Ingrid who has painstakingly uncovered her own history and joined with other Lebensborn to expose what was done to them. A shocking story but told with great dignity, her anger explored and confronted as she reveals her own past. She has built a successful life and, as she notes, like many other Lebensborn, she has spent it helping others. Now her story will help others as they too confront what was done to them in the name of racial purity. ~ Sue Baker

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The Good Book Guide logo The Good Book Guide Review. Of all the crimes committed by the Nazi regime, the one the leadership was never prosecuted for was the abduction of children in the conquered territories of Eastern Europe. As if that was not odious enough, SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler and his underlings ensured that each infant’s true identity was withheld even from their German foster parents, so that they might grow up in the heart of the Reich with no chance of learning about their origins. In August 1942, Ingrid von Oelhalfen was just nine months old when she was forcibly taken from her natural parents in Yugoslavia and ‘processed’ for adoption by Nazi officials as part of the secret and insidious Lebensborn project. Her journey of discovery is a heartrending one told with admirable restraint and a dogged determination to uncover the facts. But the most moving passages are reserved for the early chapters when Ingrid pleads for her coldly indifferent ‘mother’ to collect her from a series of children’s homes to which she had committed the child in order to be free to have an affair with a new boyfriend.
~ Paul Roland


Hitler's Forgotten Children My Life Inside the Lebensborn by Ingrid von Oelhafen, Tim Tate

'More than 70 years ago I was a gift for Adolf Hitler. I was stolen as a baby to be part of one of the most terrible of all Nazi experiments: Lebensborn.' The Lebensborn programme was the brainchild of Himmler: an extraordinary plan to create an Aryan master race, leaving behind thousands of displaced victims in the wake of the Nazi regime. In 1942 Erika, a baby girl from Sauerbrunn in Yugoslavia, was taken for a 'medical' examination by the Nazi occupiers. Declared an 'Aryan', she was removed from her mother and held in a children's home; her true identity erased, she became Ingrid von Oelhafen. Later, as Ingrid began to uncover her true identity, the full scale of the Lebensborn scheme and the Nazi obsession with bloodlines became clear - including the kidnapping of up to half a million babies like her, and the deliberate murder of children born into the programme who were deemed 'substandard'.


'This is a hugely important book which anyone with an interest in the Third Reich, or who cares about the damaging impact of supremacist politics, must read.' - Louise Hector, LouiseReviews

About the Author

Ingrid von Oelhafen is a former physical therapist living in Osnabruck, Germany. For more than 20 years she has been investigating her own extraordinary story and that of Lebensborn. She is in contact with other Lebensborn survivors and has been invited to give talks in schools about the programme and its effects on those who were part of it.

Tim Tate is a multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker and author. In 2013 he produced and directed Lebensborn: Children of the Master Race, which was broadcast on Channel 5. He is the author of twelve books, including the best-selling Slave Girl.

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14th May 2015


Ingrid von Oelhafen, Tim Tate

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