You've Got Some Nerve

Paperback edition released 04/01/2021

by Derryen Plante

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LoveReading Expert Review of You've Got Some Nerve

You've Got Some Nerve is Derryen’s autobiographical account of a traumatic brian injury and her recovery. Dealing openly and honestly about the traumatic events as well as the impact that they have had on her life and outlook, this book is frank without being too intimidating. Shedding much needed light on the impact of brain injuries as well as allowing the reader in to her struggle with PTSD and depression, You’ve Got Some Nerve is an interesting book that offers first hand insight into how to support someone suffering from the long-term effects of an invisible injury.

The writing is detailed, evocative and gripped me from the introduction. The intention of this book is to offer some insight into the effects of trauma, and as an account to help those experiencing something similar or know someone who is, feel less alone. There’s sections in the book that include ways that you can offer help and support to someone suffering from the effects of a brain injury, PTSD or depression as well as a ‘wish list for medical providers’ of behaviours that the Derryen found most helpful. 

I think that this is an interesting read not only for the intended audience of those who have experienced similar trauma to Derryen, but anyone who feels that their life has been taken of course. This book is an honest insight into how drastic life changes can impact you, but also how you can begin to work through them to forge a new path.

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You've Got Some Nerve Synopsis

Derryen Plante knew her destination in life long before she reached it: she was going to be a special investigator for the federal government working on high-level crimes. Every step she took was in preparation for one day achieving that dream.

Then, without warning, her dream was shattered.

While completing a unit check at the juvenile prison where she worked, Derryen was violently attacked by one of the inmates. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that sent her into a spiral of PTSD, depression, and multiple medical interventions. As she navigated her life after the attack, Derryen struggled to accept her new reality. She’d built her entire life around a dream that no longer seemed possible. Without that, who was she?

You've Got Some Nerve is Derryen’s real, raw, and honest account of how she redefined her life, navigated the challenges unique to brain injury recovery, and found support in unexpected places. Her journey offers keen insight into how each of us can support those suffering with the long-term effects of an invisible injury.

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ISBN: 9871544509297
Publication date: 4th January 2021
Author: Derryen Plante
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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You've Got Some Nerve Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

I loved the book.

I loved the book. My sister suffered two brain haemorrhages at the age of 41 so I’ve lived and breathed everything there is about head injuries/tbi for the last 7 years. The narrative was honest and frank without seeming to scare the reader. Head injuries still seem such a taboo subject and it’s great the author is telling their story.

Helen Dugdale

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