Northanger Abbey

Paperback edition released 05/05/1992

by Jane Austen, David (University of Kent) Blair

Part of the Wordsworth Classics Series

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LoveReading Expert Review of Northanger Abbey

Full to the brim with ready wit and arch social commentary, this amusing and intelligent book is as relevant today as it was when published nearly 200 years ago. If you haven't previously read any of Austen’s works, this is the perfect place to start, it’s one of her lesser known but more stimulating and provocative novels. Quite literally a book of two halves, we have a story of a young woman learning the difference between reality and fantasy and then a consummate commentary from the author on the literary world at the time. 


Austen introduces an almost anti-heroine, a kind, caring but not particularly captivating Catherine, then surrounds her with four fascinatingly different characters who range from compassionate, intelligent and gracious to self obsessed, mercenary and petulant. As well as the engaging story, you also discover an author who appears to be somewhat on the warpath. She actually talks to you from the page, her views are so clear, you could be having a face-to-face discussion with her. If you already know Northanger Abbey, reacquaint yourself with this fascinating novel.  This actual edition is charming, a perfect size for the hand bag and one to treasure.


Northanger Abbey Synopsis

Introduction and Notes by David Blair, University of Kent.

Northanger Abbey tells the story of a young girl, Catherine Morland who leaves her sheltered, rural home to enter the busy, sophisticated world of Bath in the late 1790s. Austen observes with insight and humour the interaction between Catherine and the various characters whom she meets there, and tracks her growing understanding of the world about her.

In this, her first full-length novel, Austen also fixes her sharp, ironic gaze on other kinds of contemporary novel, especially the Gothic school made famous by Ann Radcliffe. Catherine's reading becomes intertwined with her social and romantic adventures, adding to the uncertainties and embarrassments she must undergo before finding happiness.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781853260438
Publication date: 5th May 1992
Author: Jane Austen, David (University of Kent) Blair
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Primary Genre Classics
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ISBN: 9781853260438
Publication date: 05/05/1992
Format: Paperback

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