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"A penetrating, compelling, and skilfully vivid slice of historical fiction set as the war-torn fight for survival and their future."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Fascinating yet thrilling, stimulating yet shattering, this riveting read opens a path into the very nature of humankind. As the Second World War nears its end the defeated, vultures, and peace brokers continue using intelligence gathered by three very different men. The Spoils of War series is one of my favourites, its epic scale from the intimacy of the chosen few highlights the searing and hidden tragedy of conflict. If you’ve not yet met these books, do introduce yourself as this is a series not to be missed. The design and writing is such that you can step in at any point. I welcomed the main characters from Katastrophe back into my reading life, sitting opened mouthed at times as I witnessed the dark hidden depths of Russia and her people, the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany, and the scrabble for position by the leaders of the UK, US, and Russia. Using the murky world of intelligence Graham Hurley successfully took me into the final months of the war. The mix of fact and fiction here is beautifully balanced, the focus and blend of real and fictional characters seamlessly fills the page and I felt as though I was watching behind the scenes footage. From the huge scale and the people in power, through to the most ordinary of lives, each page holds an intense weight. My thoughts and feelings were knocked off balance and sent scrabbling for understanding. If anything is going demonstrate the utterly senseless and vicious nature of war it’s this and yet it’s also a hugely exciting read. Chosen as a LoveReading Star Book, Katastrophe hits with immense impact, it is a true powerhouse of a novel and comes as highly recommended by me.

Liz Robinson

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