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"The book has humour and wryness in spades and I loved Erin's mums' spoonerisms. A joy of a read."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An engaging story of lasting friendship, love and loss. The author's style of writing is so natural you could really feel the firm bond between childhood friends Erin & Sasha come to life. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of their plans for the weekends, getting ready for nights out and the amount of time taken to decide on the perfect outfit! The story covers the highs of both girls working together in a close knit team and both having a supportive family network to the lowest point when Sasha has a shockingly fatal accident just after passing her driving test. The grief and trauma experienced by those affected by Sasha's death was tangible and beautifully described. Erin’s resulting solo holiday (instead of being with Sasha) was a brave move in the depths of grief. From what at first glance appears to be an exhilarating new start for Erin brings confusion and more unanswered questions over a holiday romance scenario. But not everything is as it seems. The book has humour and wryness in spades and I loved Erin's mums' spoonerisms. A joy of a read.

Caroline Highy, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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Reader Reviews

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This would make a nice quick summer read, and would appeal to fans of rom coms with a supernatural twist.

If you enjoy romantic comedies with heartaches, twists and hope, you’ll love Decisions. Erin and Sasha have been best friends for years and their love for one another oozes off the page. We see them work together, shop and live in the carefree way of adults with their whole life ahead of them. When the unthinkable happens and Erin faces a future she never predicted, hope for a brighter future could be found on a summer trip to Menorca. Like the summer holiday version of ‘Last Christmas’, the ups and downs of Erin's story culminate in a hopeful, heart-warming tale that those we love are never really gone. This is an easy to read contemporary fiction with a fantasy twist. I enjoyed spending time with Erin and Sasha and getting to understand their dynamic and how close they are.... Read Full Review

Charlotte Walker

As I journeyed through the book, I laughed out loud several times, as well as being overcome with sadness at others.

Best friends “Sash” and “Rin” have known each other since they were four. Over the years they have developed a wonderful friendship full of humour, care, and respect for one another. Although they differ physically, Sasha is petite and Erin is more curvaceous, they are completely on the same wavelength when it comes to enjoying themselves and having fun. Both love shopping, eating out, pubs, clubs and holidays. Ultimately they end up sharing a working environment together in the same university department. Rather than hinder their work productivity, their close friendship actually enhances it, and so all would appear an ideal scenario until one day Sasha is late for work….. I really loved getting to know the two main characters in this book.... Read Full Review

Kathryn Carruthers