Reasons to Stay Alive

Paperback edition released 31/12/2015

by Matt Haig

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LoveReading Expert Review of Reasons to Stay Alive

An inspiring, honest, hopeful and vivid read.

This accessible and life-affirming memoir of Haig's struggle with depression and how his triumph over the illness taught him to live is a must-read for anyone battling with the disease. Like nearly one in five of us, Haig suffers from depression. Reasons to Stay Alive is his inspiring account of how, minute by minute and day by day, he overcame the disease with the help of reading, writing, and the love of his parents and his girlfriend now-wife Andrea. It's an inspiring, honest, hopeful and vivid read.


Reasons to Stay Alive Synopsis

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO FEEL TRULY ALIVE? Aged 24, Matt Haig's world caved in. He could see no way to go on living. This is the true story of how he came through crisis, triumphed over an illness that almost destroyed him and learned to live again. A moving, funny and joyous exploration of how to live better, love better and feel more alive, Reasons to Stay Alive is more than a memoir. It is a book about making the most of your time on earth. I wrote this book because the oldest cliches remain the truest. Time heals. The bottom of the valley never provides the clearest view. The tunnel does have light at the end of it, even if we haven't been able to see it ...Words, just sometimes, really can set you free.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781782116820
Publication date: 31st December 2015
Author: Matt Haig
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 288 pages
Primary Genre Biographies & Autobiographies

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Matt Haig Press Reviews

'Maybe the most important book I've read this year' -- SIMON MAYO

'A life-saving book' -- AMANDA CRAIG

'Warm and engaging, and shot through with humour ... a valuable contribution to the conversation' SUNDAY TIMES

'Brings a difficult and sensitive subject out of the darkness and into the light' -- MICHAEL PALIN

'Full of wisdoms and warmth' -- NATHAN FILER

'A tender, candid, inspiring book about depression' SUNDAY EXPRESS

'Matt Haig is astounding' -- STEPHEN FRY

'Reasons to Stay Alive is wonderful. I read it in one sitting. Touching, funny, thought-provoking, with a huge heart. It should be read by anyone who has suffered, or known someone who has suffered (i.e. everyone)' -- S J WATSON

'Fascinating and beautifully written' -- IAN RANKIN

'Matt Haig uses words like a tin-opener. We are the tin' -- JEANETTE WINTERSON

'Matt Haig is a marvellous writer: limpid; tender; passionate. In this memoir (and it's short, barely 200 pages long), he manages to articulate, both the bleakness of depression and the means of dealing with it, little by little, day by day, without ever sounding maudlin, or self-indulgent, or preachy. For everyone who has ever felt the snap of the black dog's teeth, this book is wise, funny, affirming and redemptive. Sometimes depression can be like falling into a wordless pit. Matt Haig finds the words. And he says them for all of us' -- JOANNE HARRIS

'Thoughtful, honest and incredibly insightful' -- JENNY COLGAN

'Brilliant and salutary ... should be on prescription' -- REV. RICHARD COLES

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ISBN: 9781782116820
Publication date: 31/12/2015
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781782115083
Publication date: 05/03/2015
Format: Hardback

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Matt Haig is an author for children and adults. His memoir Reasons to Stay Alive was a number one bestseller, staying in the British top ten for 46 weeks. His children’s book A Boy Called Christmas was a runaway hit and is translated in over 40 languages. It is being made into a film starring Maggie Smith, Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent and The Guardian called it an ‘instant classic’. His novels for adults include  the award-winning How To Stop Time, The Radleys, The Humans and the number one bestseller The Midnight Library. He has sold ...

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Reasons to Stay Alive
Reasons to Stay Alive
Reasons to Stay Alive
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