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The Circus Infinite

"Infinitely inventive, this sweeping space fantasy love story explores spectrums of gender and sexuality with dazzling verve."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Taking the notion of running away to the circus to ingenious levels, Khan Wong’s The Circus Infinite soars with whip-smart storytelling skills and inventive ideas. Part political drama, part exploration of social dynamics, part out-there space story, this kaleidoscopic adventure showcases fantasy at its most powerfully allegorical.

Jes is an asexual mixed-species fugitive on the run from The Institute that wants to analyse his gravitational powers. As a result, he takes himself off to The Circus Infinite on a pleasure moon, where he finds love and a new family and sense of togetherness with a band of alien acrobats, while deploying his own unique talents in an act. But it’s not long before a crime lord blackmails Jes into undertaking terrible tasks that utilise his skills, including torture. When the gangster lines up the circus to take the blame for a drugs deal, the community rallies round.

With a fabulously painted world, lively writing, and sizzlingly imaginative story, The Circus Infinite is a coming of age charmer.

Joanne Owen

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