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Shape of a Boy

"Shape of a Boy was a perfect holiday companion. I laughed, I cried (with laughter) and I laughed again. A fun read."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Shape of a Boy was a perfect holiday companion, sending me on a journey around the world with Kate Wickers and her family. I was astounded and impressed by her bravado in taking her young sons (from babyhood) to farflung places such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Borneo - especially as one son has a nut allergy (I have a son with a nut allergy too). I laughed, I cried (with laughter) and I laughed again at her sons' reactions (from astonishment to apathy) about some of the geographical wonders of the world, and the nature of the questions they asked about the minutiae of everyday life. The lessons they learnt along the way, about people, places, safety and courtesy. The adventures and mishaps and memories they shared. I feel like I've watched her sons grow up through the pages of her book. This was such as fun read, and I hope they're still sharing adventures as a family for years to come.

Victoria Goldman

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