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Victoria Goldman - Editorial Expert

Victoria Goldman has always had a passion for reading and writing, with a childhood dream of becoming a crime fiction author. She gained a Biomedical Science BSc degree, planning to follow this with a PhD in Forensics, but then became sidetracked, realising she loved writing too much to spend the rest of her life in a lab. She gained an MSc in Science Communication instead, and became a freelance health journalist and editor, specialising in consumer health. 

Twenty-five years on, as well being Freelance Health Editor for Bupa, Victoria contributes to various consumer and pharmacy magazines on a monthly basis. She is the author of a book on children’s allergies and, over the years, has contributed to (and edited) other health and science books for adults and children.

Victoria has recently updated the bestselling baby health book Your Baby: Week by Week by Dr Caroline Fertleman & Simone Cave for Ebury/Vermilion (Penguin Random House UK). She is represented for non-fiction (health) by the Barbara Levy Literary Agency.

In her spare time, Victoria runs a successful books website called Off-the-Shelf Books and can often be found tweeting her book love (@VictoriaGoldma2). She is also writing crime fiction, still intending to fulfil her childhood dream. She is married with two teenage sons and loves relaxing at the end of a busy day by diving into a good book.




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When We Fall
When We Fall whisked me off to claustrophobic small-town Australia – filled with local gossipmongers, long-held prejudices, sinister secrets ... and unsolved murders. For me, this was very much a character-led crime novel, focusing on the fragile relationships between the strong cast (especially female protagonist Alex and her mother who has early-onset dementia) and the complexity of human nature. The natural world was also at the heart of this slow-burning whodunnit, from windswept beaches and desolate outback to lush forests, all described with an underlying sense of unease against a backdrop of climate change. Contemporary themes (no spoilers) are woven seamlessly ... View Full Review
Wedded Wife
Wedded Wife by Rachael Lennon is a fascinating history of marriage and how it has changed over the centuries, from the original ancient customs to today's big business wedding industry. The book covers a wealth of information about marriages of convenience in the past (for status or wealth) to contemporary marriages for love and against all odds, within heterosexual, same-sex and nonbinary relationships. The book explores how gender roles, sexuality and politics influence many marriage traditions, beginning with engagements and prenuptials, through the wedding ceremony and celebrations, leading to consummation and potential parenthood, and also decisions to make when a ... View Full Review
I Am Enough
I am Enough by Sheridan Stewart is a book about change and contentment. About slowing down, appreciating ourselves and the natural world around us, to help us achieve our goals. That being positive about what we currently have and are able to do will help to put our own needs - self-care - first. The book is easy to read, with practical advice and information taking us on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on our physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. Following Sheridan Stewart's own 90-day challenge and her personal story, this book can help readers assess and appreciate what really ... View Full Review
The Translator
The Translator is a pacy, engaging political thriller. It's also a love story between two former lovers who are determined to foil a Russian plot that could potentially destroy much of Western economy. The writing flows easily off the page, with a thought-provoking plot, taut and often-humorous dialogue, and vivid descriptions of people and places. The author is a former Moscow correspondent, who skilfully takes readers from the Scottish Highlands to Moscow and London. I liked that the main characters are not spies in the traditional sense, but are a translator and interpreter, one British and one Russian, thrown into ... View Full Review
The Doomsday Mother
The Doomsday Mother is a fascinating but disturbing insight into a tragic and dysfunctional family and events that led to several suspicious deaths. It's not surprising that this case has gripped America and been turned into a Netflix documentary. Lori Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell will soon be going on trial, three years after their arrest, accused of killing Lori's son and daughter. In The Doomsday Mother, John Glatt has compiled a shocking account of this complex case, including murder, abuse, mental health problems, religious cults and fanatical beliefs. Using intricate details, meticulous background research and quotes from family, ... View Full Review
The Prisoner's Wife
The Prisoner's Wife was an easy weekend read for me. I'm always on the lookout for something 'different' in crime fiction and this fit the bill perfectly. While the book is set against a backdrop of organised gangland crime, this is an intense yet entertaining psychological thriller, focusing on a woman desperate to get out of her dangerous marriage. After a slowburning start to set the scene, the story moves quickly from one twist/reveal to the next. The vivid writing, tight plotting and varied cast of characters kept me immersed from beginning to end. I found myself eager to ... View Full Review
Echo of the Dead
Echo of the Dead kept me gripped from beginning to end. Even though this is the 19th book in the series, it was easy to read as a standalone. Its slow but steady start meant I could take time to get to know the characters and enjoy the visual impact of the writing. The stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands is so beautifully described that I felt as though I was there too.  There's a twisty plot involving murder, a missing person, and possibly a serial killer on the loose. Despite the dark nature of the book, there's a ... View Full Review
City of Last Chances
City of Last Chances is a weighty book of around 500 pages, each filled with beautiful, colourful imagery that brings the rich narrative and last cast of characters to life. Adrian Tchaikovsky's intricate world building is astounding: a vibrant city under occupation and on the verge of revolution, with a dark criminal underworld, a rebel resistance movement, and history seeping through every street. Conflict stirs around each corner as the tension escalates. This wasn't a fast-paced read for me – it required intense thought and concentration, focusing on how the complex plot develops and the different strands weave together. A map, ... View Full Review
Canticle Creek
Canticle Creek had me gripped from beginning to end and I was reluctant to put it down for a break. This tension-filled crime thriller is an easy read, with descriptions that flow naturally off the pages, characters to love (and hate), witty authentic dialogue, and a plot that builds and intrigues. I loved the harshness of the Australian setting against the backdrop of art and conservation. Certain scenes (no spoilers) left me struggling to breathe - I could feel the heat, the closeness, the danger... This engaging murder mystery has an array of potential suspects, despite the small, close-knit community, ... View Full Review
Are You Really OK?
Mental health and, in particular suicide amongst men, continues to be a taboo topic for many people. So it's great to see a young celebrity opening up to the world in such a raw and honest way. In Are You Really OK?, Roman Kemp speaks candidly about his emotions, life experiences and how he dealt with tragedy when a close friend took his own life. His book is funny in places, sad in others, and an inspiration to his fans and readers, as so many people don't open up and share their thoughts and feelings, particularly at times when they ... View Full Review
Reclaiming Our Story
In Reclaiming Our Story, Ben M. Freeman explores the history and impact of anti-Jewish hatred (antisemitism) on Jewish identity around the world. How prejudice within society has led many Jews to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their heritage, hiding it from others or even becoming prejudiced against other Jews (internalised anti-Jewishness). For thousands of years, Jews have been part of a nomadic Middle Eastern community that has settled in other parts of the world. The trauma of anti-Jewish hatred in the past still impacts on Jews in modern times, and many have found themselves torn between maintaining their traditional Jewish ... View Full Review
The Call of Cassandra Rose
The Call of Cassandra Rose is a thought-provoking psychological thriller, focusing on a woman's traumatic past and her subsequent healing process. This book weaves a complex tapestry from tangled threads, and is filled with darkness and despair. Annabelle, the main character, frustrated me with her unreliability, yet I found myself rooting for her as she struggled with self-esteem and paranoia. She seemed to have it all on the surface, yet inside she was falling apart. This thriller is well-written, covering dark themes, such as self-harm, trust issues and manipulation, as well as the potential dangers of hypnosis and the ... View Full Review