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Pip Stewart is a mother, partner, writer and chronic over-thinker. Pip has cycled halfway around the world and completed a world-first paddle through the Amazon Jungle. After contracting leishmaniasis, Pip now campaigns to raise awareness of lesser-known tropical diseases. When not writing, she can usually be found outside with her partner, Charlie, and daughter, Willow.

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Life Lessons From the Amazon

Life Lessons From the Amazon

Author: Pip Stewart Format: Paperback Release Date: 09/09/2021

Pip Stewart’s Life Lessons from the Amazon is two books in one. Firstly, it’s a graphic account of an expedition down Guyana’s perilous Essequibo River - a source to sea adventure brimming with danger and beauty in equal measure. Secondly it’s a thoughtful reflection on that journey that provides insights and learnings which might be usefully applied to 'normal life'. As the team makes its way down the river each chapter highlights a different emotion, behaviour or human attribute which is then given the jungle treatment as Pip recounts an occasion from her Amazonian experience where it surfaced. Appreciation, Growth, Conflict, Connection.. and many more such themes enjoy an adventurer's analysis leading to the very last chapter, ambitiously titled Death and Life … in which a flesh-eating parasite nibbles its way into the story. For Pip Stewart, this extraordinary adventure was life-changing and some of the hard-earned wisdom she shares within Life Lessons from the Amazon might just change the lives of others.

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