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"A compelling set of unique short stories."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

'Disarrhoea' is a compelling set of unique short stories, ranging from sci-fi, to horror, to downright weird – all done in the best possible way of course! The stories are all vastly different from one another and yet keep the reader hooked on what bizarre goings on will befall the next set of characters… and no two stories are alike.

The writing style used is very clever and enhances the chilling effect of each tale too, in particular that of 'Fearground'. This story is told purely through the "funfair masters" conversations with the participants, and although there is no detailed description of the scenery, Kevin Vodden does a fantastic job of giving enough description through a one-sided conversation to understand and picture all the spooky events taking place. Quite frankly I have never read a piece so uniquely written and so well executed, it is a sheer stroke of genius!

The most striking stories for myself are of course 'Fearground' and 'Terror Pericolosa' as these stories were expressed so well and had strong tension throughout for the reader. 'Terror Pericolosa' was skilfully thought out and produced the perfect blend of sci-fi and emotion, whilst following the nerve-racking story of a research colonist team on a hostile planet. All of these stories are so original and keep you wondering and guessing what happened next, giving the reader a perfect cliff hanger and wanting more!!

In conclusion these short stories are simply brilliant, and I would recommend them to any lover of horror, sci-fi or all things a bit weird! I genuinely can not pick fault with any of the tales as I think they are all so encaptivating and told superbly. Kevin Vodden has done a masterful job of encompassing the strange and wonderful. 

Hermione White, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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