by Marcus Abston

Historical fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of Bloodlines

A strong storyline that, with some editing, could become a brilliant book.

‘Bloodlines’ by Marcus Abston is an historical fiction and book one of ‘A Dying Truth Exposed’. We see a family come together and grandfather Albert Brooks keen to educate his grandchildren about their heritage. We then head back in time, as the story of Albert’s great-great-grandmother Annabelle unfolds. This is an interesting story, filled with trials and difficulties as Annabelle grows up a house servant in Mississippi before escaping to the North. This book is clearly well-researched, down to each state’s attitudes towards slavery and how harshly enslaved people were treated in each region. I liked Annabelle and her strong sense of character that is demonstrated in the younger character and allows her to endure the heinous actions of others as she gets older. I also liked the welcoming nature of the friends that she meets on the first part of this journey. I feel that the writing in some places could benefit from further editing to make the book as a whole more fluid. For example, “said” is used a lot, so changing up the structure in order to “show” the reader what’s happening as opposed to “telling” them would create a more entertaining reading experience. I found that the descriptions and setting of the 1800s part of the story was well-executed, but found the contemporary setting of the first chapter a bit clunky, a means to an end to get into the story. I’m curious to know what happens in the rest of Annabelle’s story, and whether the series will follow her descendants as well. ‘Bloodlines’ is a story of heartache and harrowing challenges as well as the faith and strength needed to overcome both. It’s a story that emphasises how important it is to remember your ancestors, the fights and struggles they faced and the way that forms a part of your identity today. I liked that this book includes African American heritage, with the implication that Native American heritage will also become intertwined later in ‘A Dying Truth Exposed’. A strong storyline that, with some editing, could become a brilliant book. 

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Bloodlines Synopsis

A grandfather confronted with the fact that his family is woefully ignorant about their own lineage and legacy is determined to educate them. So begins the tale of his great-great-grandmother, Annabelle.

Annabelle was a slave born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and raised as a house servant thanks to the plantation master's daughters having a fondness for her. The youngest daughter protects her as best she can from the wrath of the cruel master and his wife, but then marries and leaves the plantation. Unable to bear the master's heinous acts against her any longer, the teenaged slave girl escapes north to be free.

But is anywhere really safe for a runaway slave girl in the 1800s? Her journey is only the beginning of a legacy.

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ISBN: 9781087924588
Publication date: 5th March 2021
Author: Marcus Abston
Publisher: Chas Novels
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 422 pages
Primary Genre Historical fiction
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ISBN: 9781087924588
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