The Spectacular

by Billy Flynn

Political / Legal Thrillers Crime and Mystery Thriller and Suspense

LoveReading Expert Review of The Spectacular

A complex political thriller

‘The Spectacular’ by Billy Flynn, is a complex political thriller where three stories intertwine. Focusing on two modern conflicts involving the UK, Flynn’s action packed story is incredibly detailed and shows either his thorough understanding of Ireland and Afghanistan or a great deal of research. I was engrossed in the tense moment and educated on the nuances of both conflicts as I read. 

Although filled with action and twists, this book is more than a more superficial “all guns blazing” action story. The Author takes the time to introduce you to each storyline, letting you acclimate to each character and their perspective, all the while weaving threads of the storyline together. I was drawn even more into the story as key moments are re-lived from different perspectives, drip feeding extra detail. I felt each story is told objectively, there’s no “good guy vs bad guy” phrasing, as with most real-life conflicts, the perspective and knowledge you have when entering a situation is key. 

This is an immersive story, with plenty of action and grim gritty reality of warzones. A gripping and tense read from start to finish and a hint of potentially more stories to come. I think ‘The Spectacular’ will appear to anyone with an interest in political/military stories and those looking for a complex and twisting action read. 

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

The Spectacular Synopsis

Three young men, brutally orphaned as teenagers in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and England, are inextricably and eternally bound together in violence. The Afghan’s family was executed by the USSR. The Irishman’s parents were killed in a gun battle between the Provisional IRA and the SAS. And the Englishman’s parents die in a terrible motorway accident.

All three men meet in deadly combat many years later. Two of them are drawn into terrorism. The third joins the SAS. As they grow older the three men enter politics, eventually reaching the pinnacle of power. What follows is an intriguing, action packed, violent and relentless journey which culminates in the three becoming leaders, in the Taliban, the Real IRA and the UK and embroiled in a double assassination plot to kill the first black, female president of the USA and a member of the Royal family.

Will The Spectacular attack be fulfilled? Will they finally get their revenge for their stolen childhoods? Or will the intelligence services intercept just in time?

Find out in this exciting and utterly compelling military, political thriller and be prepared to be hooked.

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ISBN: 9798728583561
Publication date: 26th March 2021
Author: Billy Flynn
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Political / Legal Thrillers
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ISBN: 9798728583561
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