Mann Alone

by Philip Kelly

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LoveReading Expert Review of Mann Alone

‘Mann Alone’, is an apocalyptic fiction story about the Isle of Man and how the people on the island work to try and protect themselves in the face of an international pandemic that appears to have a 100% death rate. 

As with all pandemic fiction read in 2020/2021 you can’t help but relate it to the times we’re living in. I was interested to read a smaller island narrative perspective of a pandemic as opposed to the bigger action-style storylines that always seem to focus on larger countries.

The reader is brought into the story very quickly, with the new ultra pneumonia virus cases being the immediate focus. I did find the early speech a bit unnatural, the initial scene setting and characterisation a bit blunt. I personally prefer a narrative where we are perhaps shown who’s who instead being told: “Dr. Vihan Sing barged through a door with ‘Chief Exec. Health and Social Services’ on it, a job that could have been his” or something. Perhaps another area that could be looked at to make the overall book more polished is a slight overuse of the word ‘said’, again it’s my personal reading preference but I like a more varied writing style. 

The plotline itself is interesting and, as I have never been to the Isle of Man, I learnt a lot about the Island. As I said, I think that the author has had a great and unique idea, focusing on a smaller island instead of the more typical America or England focus. Twists and conflicts kept things entertaining as the country worked to protect itself and humanity against this deadly virus. I was intrigued to know what would happen to the people on the island and whether everyone would be able to put their self-interest aside for the sake of the future of humanity. I think that this is a quick and enjoyable read.

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Mann Alone Synopsis

An international pandemic has wiped out most of the world's population. The Isle of Man must stand alone to protect what is left of civilization for the human race to continue. Peter Quinnel is a farmer with a strong sense of duty; he is also the leader of the Army Reservists. Dr Vin Singh is an experienced pathologist, and he can be abrasive and and impatient. Can these two different characters overcome the recklessness and antagonism of others to save the Isle of Man?

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ISBN: 9781838084523
Publication date: 2nd November 2020
Author: Philip Kelly
Publisher: Self-published (distributed by Lily Publications)
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Science Fiction
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ISBN: 9781838084523
Publication date: 02/11/2020
Format: Paperback

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