Missing A Beat... And Other Stories

by Shane Hulgraine

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LoveReading Expert Review of Missing A Beat... And Other Stories

Missing a Beat and Other Stories is a varied collection of short stories. There are 11 different short stories, spanning a variety of genres although contain a similar thread. Each of the main characters seemed a little bit broken in their own way, with additional obstacles and challenges to face. 

I like the variety within this different collection of short stories, this is a book that you could return to, dipping in and out to find a story to suit your mood. Each short story is well-developed and the characters within them are nuanced and well written. Each story draws you in with fresh questions about what has happened and what will happen. I paused between each story to ponder the events. My favourite story was ‘Out of Sync’, the setting, description and atmosphere really brought this story leaping off the page for me, and I especially like the added touch of the bobble head, it added both whimsy and foreboding and was a good example of small detail bringing everything vibrantly to a life. 

A great short story collection that I would recommend and return to in the future.

LoveReading Ambassador

Missing A Beat... And Other Stories Synopsis

A genre-spanning collection, 'Missing A Beat... And Other Stories' follows characters on skewed trajectories with increasingly intensifying mental circumstances. Escaping these tragedies depends on them.

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ISBN: 9781708208035
Publication date: 18th July 2020
Author: Shane Hulgraine
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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ISBN: 9781708208035
Publication date: 18/07/2020
Format: Paperback

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