Lethal Memories

by Jamil Sherjan & Rob Flemming

Thriller and Suspense Crime and Mystery

LoveReading Expert Review of Lethal Memories

Lethal Memories was a real rollercoaster ride to the end. Well researched, it tells the story of three Palestinian boys in Cyprus forced to watch as the female members of their family are raped in front of them. That is something no one can forget; revenge is often talked about but not always carried out. Thirty years later their targets are British Royal Navy destroyers and their crews. Another young boy, a British child, was on Cyprus at the same time. He watched his mother's arm ripped off by the blast of the bombs that exploded on the beach. Thirty years on, he's fighting global terrorism. This well-written thriller keeps the reader on their toes, gritty and brutal taking the reader from London to Lahore. It is a frightening read although surrounded by acts of terrorism on the news, this brings the reader face to face with reality. This story kept me reading on till the very end, a recommended book.

Jane Brown, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Lethal Memories Synopsis

Cyprus 1974: explosions on Pissouri Beach killed or maimed people, including Michael’s mother. Three Palestinians were arrested for questioning while their families were detained elsewhere. British naval reservists raped five of the women in retaliation; Tarek, Ali and Amin were forced to watch. The three boys vowed to take revenge. So did little Mikey. Thirty years later, Tarek plans to destroy British warships and obtains funding from al-Qaeda in Beirut. Rogue Pakistani nuclear physicist Malik agrees to make explosive devices that Amin’s company in England can covertly import. Ali runs an arms factory in Wales, perfectly positioned to sabotage missiles. Mike is an operational intelligence officer unit based in London and Malik is already on his radar. Mossad associate Marina links Tarek to Malik but deems the former to be low risk. In Pakistan, Tarek is shown a prototype of the bomb; al-Qaeda approves and agrees to cover all costs. Once in receipt, Ali confirms that it fits perfectly into the missile. The three friends meet in Cambridge to discuss practical aspects. Tarek leaves early, alerted to the fact that someone is asking questions. Mike uncovers dangerous clerical errors and misses the Cambridge visit but intercepts an email that confirms his business with Malik. Marina elicits information about Tarek’s flight to Karachi and he is put under surveillance. In Pakistan, Tarek eludes his watchers and is flown to the Kharan desert where he witnesses successful tests. Tarek tells Malik that al-Qaeda commander al-Kabuli wishes to steal a nuclear warhead. The disguised bombs arrive in Dubai and Amin facilitates their transfer from there to Heathrow. He delivers them to Ali who fits the devices into missiles bound for specific ships and passes the details on to Tarek. In Beirut, Marina seduces Tarek. While he is asleep she finds information that locates Amin and provides photos of the three men. But the sabotaged missiles have already been delivered to the ships and the Gloucester is en route to Cyprus. Tarek’s sister Ayesha detonates the bomb from a boat in sight of the destroyer. On investigation, Mike discovers the origin of the missile while Mossad’s Danny seizes Amin in Dubai and persuades him to talk. Marina is told to assassinate Tarek but sex delays his demise and Ayesha catches her searching the apartment. Marina is taken to al-Kabuli’s boat, tortured and thrown overboard while Ayesha triggers the explosion that sinks HMS York. Marina survives to say that al-Kabuli is on his way to Pakistan. Under interrogation, Ali exchanges information for freedom and the remaining bombs are disarmed. Mike travels to Pakistan, persuades key officials to allow nuclear materials to be moved from and warns them of al-Kabuli’s intentions. Al-Kabuli drives from Karachi to Lahore and persuades Malik to assist in nuclear theft from Sargodha. Having completed their transfer mission, Mike receives intelligence of Malik’s capture and the teams divert to Sarghoda. After a violent firefight, al-Kabuli surrenders and a crippled Malik is found in the hangar by Tarek’s dead body. Celebrations in London are slightly muted: al-Kabuli and his team have been allowed to escape on their way to prison.

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ISBN: 9781090667007
Publication date: 17th March 2019
Author: Jamil Sherjan & Rob Flemming
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
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Lethal Memories Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

A fast-paced novel with topical issues discussed. This book demonstrates that civil/military unrest in one part of the world can indeed have global consequences.

A fast-paced novel with topical issues discussed. This book demonstrates that civil/military unrest in one part of the world can indeed have global consequences.

Peter Mynehan

Well written, exciting & captivating to the end.

They say that your childhood experiences make you into the adult that you become and it couldn’t be truer for 5 children impacted in a terror attack earlier in their lives. We see how their lives have changed since that fateful time and how they all dealt with the situation which then brings them together in an unexpected way. Well written, exciting & captivating to the end.

Cathy Small

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ISBN: 9781090667007
Publication date: 17/03/2019
Format: Paperback

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