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Tai Chi

"Using traditional bookbinding techniques to contain information acting as a supplementary aide to practical Tai Chi training, this is a book as beautiful as it is useful."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Intended for use as a supplementary aide to practical training, this is simple, clear, and easy to follow. The introduction explains the background and health benefits to Tai Chi, before the postures are then laid out in front of you with straightforward illustrations and explanations. Birinder Tember is an internationally recognised coach, he trained in Shotokan karate from 1971, and in 1991 was introduced to the Chinese Martial Arts by Grandmaster Wen Linjun. While I haven’t taken a Tai Chi class, I have followed a form of yoga where the movements are also kept relaxed and soft during movement, and I found myself able to follow the illustrations and instructions. In terms of book looks, this is a stunner! While I have been reading it, friends have visited and unable to resist, have actually reached out to stroke, to pick it up, to look inside. Traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques have been used, which really does add to the overall feel of the book. So to conclude, Tai Chi is as beautiful as it is useful, what more could you ask!

Liz Robinson

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