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Where Has Mummy Gone?

"A captivating read, its bittersweet ending brought tears to my eyes, touched me deeply and left me thinking."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Where Has Mummy Gone? is a captivating insight into the life of a foster carer. Eight-year-old Melody is angry and confused when she comes to live with Cathy Glass and her family, claiming that her drug-dependent mother Amanda can’t manage without her. Over time, it transpires that this vulnerable child isn’t the only one who needs help. Cathy works tirelessly to juggle Melody’s needs alongside the bureaucracy of fostering and bringing up her own children. It’s a difficult and demanding role, especially because, in this particular situation, Amanda needs specific care as well. This is my first Cathy Glass book and certainly won’t be my last. It’s written in a clear and easy-to-read style, with vivid descriptions bringing people, places and events to life. At times I forgot that this is a true story, with several revelations that could have come straight out of fiction. Where Has Mummy Gone? is filled with compassion and love, mixed with heartbreak and tragedy – a reminder that foster care can help to make a big difference to people’s lives. Its bittersweet ending brought tears to my eyes, touched me deeply and left me thinking.

Victoria Goldman

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Reader Reviews

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Foster mother Cathy Glass narrates this uplifting true story of Melody and her sick mother Amanda. The beautifully told story is absorbing and moving in equal measures.

Seasoned foster mother Cathy Glass takes in Melody, the eight-year-old daughter of drug addict and vulnerable mother Amanda. Their relationship is very strong and Melody arrives in care angry about their separation, insisting she can look after her mother herself. She is dirty, has only the clothes she is standing in and her hair is crawling with head lice. She is also very hungry so immediately Cathy and her family work their kind and caring magic, making her feel at home, valued, well-fed and clean.

As the story continues it appears Amanda has moved away when she misses one of her contact times. Melody is upset and worried. Her mother is eventually found, totally lost and confused.... Read Full Review

Joan Hill

Cathy Glass is not only an amazing foster parent but a great story teller too.

Cathy Glass is a seasoned Foster carer and has fostered numerous children through the years so you would think she has seen it all but when she fosters Melody she realises there are still some things she hasn't seen before. Be prepared to go through every emotion when reading this book and have to rethink your ideas of fostering. Cathy and her family are amazing people and even though I have read a few other of Cathy's books she never stops amazing me, the plight of the children is very moving but don't fall into the trap of thinking these books are solemn though as there is so many light hearted moments in it.... Read Full Review

Carol Peace

A must-read for everyone. Interesting, insightful and so much more.

I have read all Cathy Glass' books. Each time it has been impossible to put the book down. As a person who struggled to read a full book Cathy's are so easy to read. Her description and the way the books are written are easy to read.

Her latest book Where Has Mummy Gone? covered not only the plight of the many children in care but also covered the destruction that mental health issues bring to everyone involved. As a foster carer myself and a project worker for homeless care leavers with mental health and addiction issues I found this book like all her books insightful and very interesting.

I would advise everyone to read her books, as it will allow people to have more of an idea about the trauma that some kids go through.... Read Full Review

Julia Day