The Year of Yes

Hardback edition released 16/01/2006

by Maria Headley

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Year of Yes

Imagine going out with everyone who asked you for a whole year.  This is exactly what Maria Headley did when she vowed to say yes to everyone for the next twelve months, with hilarious results.  Dates with women, colleagues, men she meets in supermarkets and anyone even vaguely suitable (or not, as it turns out) ensue in a bid to find love.  A fun read.


The Year of Yes Synopsis

THE YEAR OF YES is the hilarious and hopeful true account of one woman’s quest to find a man she can stand (for longer than a couple of hours). Frustrated by her own pitiful taste, writer Maria Headley decided to leave her love life up to fate, going out with everyone who asked her: homeless men, taxi drivers, and yes, even a couple of women. Opening her heart and mind to the possibility that her perfect match might be the person she least expects, she spent 12 months dating most of New York City, and beyond, including:

JARZHE: A Microsoft Millionaire who still lived with his mother
THE ROCKSTAR: A young homeless man who believed himself to be Jimi Hendrix
IRA: Her high school nemesis, whom she’d spent seven years rejecting
THE MIME: A man in the Marceau Mold who proposed with hand gestures
CHUPA CHUPA: A 70-year-old neighborhood eccentric who spoke only Spanish

And finally, a man whose baggage should have taken him off her list—at least until The Year of Yes taught her what was really important. Love and perseverance always wins in the end.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780007213580
Publication date: 16th January 2006
Author: Maria Headley
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Primary Genre Biographies & Autobiographies
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ISBN: 9780007213580
Publication date: 16/01/2006
Format: Hardback

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Maria Headley has been published in Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2005, and The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 5, as well as in several literary journals. Her plays have been developed at venues including The Kennedy Center and The Sundance Playlab. She lives in Seattle with her husband, playwright and screenwriter Robert Schenkkan, and her two stepkids.

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The Year of Yes
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