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Do No Harm

"A full on, non-stop, zip wire of a read. A short, sharp, shock of read and it’s absolutely fabulous!"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A short, sharp, shock of read and it’s absolutely fabulous! Maxwell is determined to win his ex-wife Lily back even though she has moved on and found love with Sebastian, jealousy, spite, and rage enter their lives, laying waste. This is just so incredibly easy to read, even though the prologue cranks up the tension, and each chapter adds a whip-crack of suspense I simply galloped my way through ‘Do No Harm’. L. V. Hay has created characters who entered my mind in vibrant colourful intensity, the different points of view clear to see and feel yet disquiet fills the pages. Maxwell’s conversational diary-like entries as he makes his feelings clear slices through the new relationship. My thoughts almost turned themselves inside out as I read and the ending… oooh that ending! ‘Do No Harm’ is a little cracker, bursting with fiery energy, it certainly creates a stir.

Liz Robinson

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A tense thriller exploring secrets and hidden agendas.

A tense thriller exploring secrets and hidden agendas within a marriage and involving friends, exes and close family. I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the story, and it didn’t end as I thought it would!... Read Full Review

Sharon Hall

Prepare to read this book in one sitting - totally captivating characters with a plot that will keep you on your toes right to the end.

So many times I thought I'd cracked the plot for this one only to be wrong-footed time and time again. A fast-paced read that leaves you breathless with the pace as you switch allegiance from one character to another - one moment thinking you know who's the victim and who's lying and then the story shifts again and you're now not sure.... Read Full Review


A tense thriller which gripped me from the first page. Do No Harm is fast paced with many twists and an ending that will leave you speechless.

Sebastian’s life is sorted, aged 29 he is the headteacher of the local school and is about to marry colleague, Lily. Lily is leaving behind her marriage to Maxwell, her ex-Husband and Dad to their Son Denny. After the honeymoon Lily, Sebastian and Denny become a complete family unit, living in Sebastian’s maisonette as he takes on the role of Stepdad. Lily couldn’t be happier setting out in her new life with Sebastian, who is different in every way to Maxwell. But it doesn’t take long for Lily and Sebastian to discover that the wedding is just the start of their troubles. Maxwell wants his family back and will stop at nothing to get them.

This is a tense thriller which gripped me from the first page.... Read Full Review

Gail Phillips