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The Devil's Dice

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

March 2018 Debut of the Month

The first in the ‘DI Meg Dalton Thriller’ series is an addictive, absolute treat of a read. Meg recently moved forces and is now based in Derbyshire, she is thrown in the deep end when a lawyer is found dead in a cave and a sinister game of cat and mouse is initiated. ‘The Devil’s Dice’ was shortlisted for the 2016 Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award (for unpublished writers), so my expectations were high, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The first few pages set my thoughts fluttering, and throughout this tale a ghostly shadow hovers over the pages. Roz Watkins allows humour to enter at just the right moments, and has created a fabulous main lead. While Meg does have her fair share of problems, and a certain vulnerability too, she really grew on me. As I read, I set my mind free, to delve into the pages, to ponder, to speculate. The Devil’s Dice’ is just so readable, this is a thoroughly modern tale with a teasing strange connection to the past, and a towering cliff hanger of an ending… hopefully there will be many more stories to come.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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This book is an excellent read - I found it hard to put down!

DI Meg Dalton wants to impress and to feel that she lives up to the expectation of those who have appointed her to a new job in a new area. The story begins with an apparent suicide in a cave in Derbyshire. Meg’s instincts make her feel that there is more to this case than is obvious. She is shown into the cave by a local policeman who investigated a suicide some time ago when a girl hung herself there. The latest victim is a partner in a local business and lives in a house which is locally thought to be cursed.... Read Full Review

Kathy Howell

A real page-turner of a supernatural murder mystery where nothing is quite as it seems.

DI Meg Watkins has recently transferred to the Derbyshire to be nearer her mum and grandmother. Her first case is the mysterious murder of a patent lawyer whose body is found in a cave in the peak district. Carved into the wall by his body was the image of the grim reaper along with the dead man’s initials. Though these were carved over a hundred years ago. Meg, and her partner Jai’s investigations open up the supernatural theories of a curse in the area and the cave. It soon becomes clear that someone knows much more and when more bodies turn up, it’s clear it is more than an ancient curse killing the locals…

The snippets of Meg’s backstory and how these applied to the case were cleverly constructed.... Read Full Review

Nicola Kingswell

Easy reading and intriguing thriller with characters full of fun and a sense of reality about their lives.

DI Meg Dalton has moved from Manchester (the reason slowly revealed through the course of the story telling) to the seemingly quiet and innocent world of her home town in Derbyshire.

When a man is found dead in a remote Derbyshire cave, Meg is thrown into a world of local gossip with talk of devil worship, ancient Greek myths and so on.  Did the man commit suicide or was there something more sinister about his death?... Read Full Review

Phylippa Smithson