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Audiobooks Narrated by Morgan Hallett

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. People of Abandoned Character Audiobook People of Abandoned Character
  2. Box 88 Audiobook Box 88
  3. Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE Audiobook Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE
  4. A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis Audiobook A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis
  5. Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books Audiobook Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books
  6. A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future Audiobook A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future
  7. The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Audiobook The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller
  8. The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger Audiobook The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger
  9. Us Three Audiobook Us Three
  10. Grown-Ups Audiobook Grown-Ups
Cold Iron Audiobook

Cold Iron

Author: Stina Leicht Narrator: Michael Crouch, Morgan Hallett, Suzy Jackson Release Date: September 2020

For centuries, the Kingdom of Eledore has relied upon the kainen race's natural magical talents to retain its elevated and seemingly impervious status in the world, particularly above the humans in Acrasia. Plots and assassination attempts grow against the royal twin heirs, Nels and Suvi, as the Acrasians seem to be doing more than saber rattling against what they see as an evil, tyrannical nation. Nels, the only kainen in Eledore to study the Acrasians, understands the threat they pose and relinquishes his standing as heir to join the army, while Suvi supports the kingdom from within as admiral of the dwindling Eledorian navy and the new heir to the crumbling throne. Slow to change, the Eledorians soon face the Acrasians' vast military armed with muskets and cannon. But a revolution is coming, and along with it the possible end of a kingdom. The assumptions of generations will be turned on their head as kainen and human clash, love and friendship are found and tested, and war comes as unwelcome as cold iron

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The Cruel Stars 'International Edition' Audiobook

The Cruel Stars 'International Edition'

Author: John Birmingham Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: September 2020

With a ruthless sect of humanity intent on wiping out their species, five intrepid heroes must think like their enemies in this epic sci-fi adventure for fans of The Expanse and Battlestar Galactica. The galaxy was once terrorized by the Sturm, a group of 'species purists' intent on destroying any human with genetic or cybernetic enhancements. Fashioning themselves as the one true 'Human Republic,' the Sturm cut a bloody swath across the stars, killing billions before finally being defeated and driven into the far reaches of Dark Space. Centuries of peace bred complacency. Everyone believed the Sturm had died out in the Dark. They were wrong. The enemy has returned and, with a brutal and decisive attack, knocks out almost all of humanity's defenses. Now on the brink of annihilation, humankind's only hope is a few brave souls who survived the initial attack: Commander Lucinda Hardy, thrust into uncertain command of the Royal Armadalen Navy's only surviving warship. Booker3, a soldier of Earth, sentenced to die for treason, whose time on death row is cut short when the Sturm attack his prison compound. Princess Alessia, a young royal of the Montanblanc Corporation, forced to flee when her home planet is overrun and her entire family executed. Sephina L'trel, the leader of an outlaw band who must call on all of her criminal skills to resist the invasion. And, finally, Admiral Frazer McLennan, the infamous hero of the first war with the Sturm hundreds of years ago, who hopes to rout his old foes once and for all-or die trying. These five flawed, reluctant heroes must band together to prevail against a relentless enemy and near-impossible odds. For if they fail, the future itself is doomed.

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Close Up Audiobook

Close Up

Author: Amanda Quick Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: May 2020

Welcome to Burning Cove, California where 1930s Hollywood glamour conceals a ruthless killer Vivian Brazier never thought life as an art photographer would include nightly wake-up calls to snap photos of grisly crime scenes or headshots for aspiring male actors. Although she is set on a career of transforming photography into a new art form, she knows her current work is whats paying the bills. After shooting crime scene photos of a famous actress, the latest victim of the murderer the press has dubbed the Dagger Killer, Vivian notices eerie similarities to the crime scenes of previous victimsdetails that only another photographer would have noticeddetails that put Vivian at the top of the killers target list. Nick Sundridge has always been able to see things that others dont, coping with disturbing dreams and visions. His talent, or as he puts ithis cursealong with his dark past makes him a recluse, but a brilliant investigator. As the only one with the ability to help, Nick is sent to protect Vivian. Together, they discover the Dagger Killer has ties to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood royalty and high society. It is a cutthroat world of allure and deception that Vivian and Nick must traverseall in order to uncover the killer who will stop at nothing to add them to their gallery of murders.

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A Contemporary Asshat at the Court of Henry the VIII Audiobook

A Contemporary Asshat at the Court of Henry the VIII

Author: Maryjanice Davidson Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: May 2020

Time-travel romance meets Tudor-era mayhem in A Contemporary Asshat at the Court of Henry VIII, the latest book from New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson. American expat Joan Howe has a to-do list she loathes: find a new job, buy milk, ask her neurologist friend, Lisa, to cure her migraines. So when Lisa enrolls her in an experimental drug trial, Joan is elated. That is, until she takes the medication and wakes up at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Thats right, Joan wakes up smack-dab in the middle of the court of Henry VIII. After realizing this isnt the most elaborate Renaissance festival ever, Joan accidentally spills the beans on how England and France will soon be at war. In spite of her faux pas, Joan safely returns to present-day Wisconsin, where shes met by the scientists from a secret think tank who accidentally created the time-travel portals. Whats worse? They cant control the portals and Joan is the only person who has been able to return. Well at least now she has a new job: time-traveler wrangler, and theres plenty of work rescuing those who go missing. Her to-do list is getting shorter every day. But all is not as it seems. Joan discovers a rogue think-tank employee caused the accident that created the portals and has remained in the past to wreak dastardly havoc on the timeline and alter history. With stunningly handsome courtier Thomas Wynter by her side and good old-fashioned 21st-century know-how, Joan races against time to catch a culprit bent on destroying history changing the world as they know it forever.

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Silent Shadows Audiobook

Silent Shadows

Author: Natalie Walters Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: March 2020

Theyre running from their pasts into an unknown future. But first, theyll have to survive the present. Nurse Pecca Gallegos moved to the tiny town of Walton, Georgia, to protect her son and escape the dangerous lifestyle that once defined her. When a series of strange circumstances evolves into threats, Pecca finds herself confiding in an unlikely allyher stubborn patient. Army veteran Colton Crawford is desperate to recover from the disorder that is ruining his life, and his instincts are on high alert when threats against his nurse and her son force him to take action. But Coltons involvement only ramps up the danger when he uncovers a family secret revealing that whoever is after Pecca is closerand more deadlythan they realized. Welcome back to Walton, Georgia, where everyone knows your namebut no on knows your secret.

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Resistance Audiobook


Author: Eric L. Harry Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: January 2020

THE BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN Scientist Emma Miller was the first American infected in the Pandoravirus pandemic, which triggers violent rages and sociopathic homicide. No longer fettered by morality or emotion, she has attracted millions of followers, both infected and uninfected. But is she America's worst nightmare-or its only hope? Emma's twin sister Isabel and brother Noah struggle against the threats posed by rampant infection, deadly civil unrest, and desperate government measures. Their-and humanity's-only chance for a future may lie in an alliance with Emma and her expanding community. Will it be peace between Infecteds and Uninfecteds, or eradication of one group by the other? While cities burn and social order crumbles, one family's fight to survive will determine the future of civilization.

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Dog Driven Audiobook

Dog Driven

Author: Terry Lynn Johnson Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: December 2019

From the author of Ice Dogs, comes a riveting adventure about a musher who sets out to prove her impaired vision won't hold her back from competing in a rigorous sled race through the Canadian wilderness. Perfect for fans of Gary Paulsen. McKenna Barney is trying to hide her worsening eyesight and has been isolating herself for the last year. But at the request of her little sister, she signs up for a commemorative mail run race in the Canadian wilderness-a race she doesn't know if she can even see to run. Winning would mean getting her disease-and her sister's-national media coverage, but it would also pit McKenna and her team of eight sled dogs against racers from across the globe for three days of shifting lake ice, sudden owl attacks, snow squalls, and bitterly cold nights. A page-turning adventure about living with disability and surviving the wilderness, Dog Driven is the story of one girl's self-determination and the courage it takes to trust in others.

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Deadly Deceit Audiobook

Deadly Deceit

Author: Natalie Walters Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: November 2019

Independent and tenacious journalist Vivian DeMarco is back in Walton, Georgia, for one reason--to do her job and get out. When her boss suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances, Vivian's only hope for finding the truth--and the next big story--is small-town law enforcement's lanky poster boy, Deputy Ryan Frost. But the deeper they dig, the more twisted the truth becomes, and Vivian finds herself fighting for not only answers but also her life. False leads, incriminating emails, and someone called The Watcher force Vivian to confront the secret of her past and decide: How much is she willing to risk for the sake of a headline? Author Natalie Walters welcomes you back to Walton, Georgia, where everyone knows your name--but no one knows your secret.

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The Remaking Audiobook

The Remaking

Author: Clay Mcleod Chapman Narrator: Clay Mcleod Chapman, Corey Allen, Morgan Hallett, Suzy Jackson Release Date: October 2019

Inspired by a true story, this supernatural thriller for fans of horror and true crime follows a tale as it evolves every twenty years-with terrifying results. Ella Louise has lived in the woods surrounding Pilot's Creek, Virginia, for nearly a decade. Publicly, she and her daughter Jessica are shunned by their upper-crust family and the Pilot's Creek residents. Privately, desperate townspeople visit her apothecary for a cure to what ails them-until Ella Louise is blamed for the death of a prominent customer. Accused of witchcraft, both mother and daughter are burned at the stake in the middle of the night. Ella Louise's burial site is never found, but the little girl has the most famous grave in the South: a steel-reinforced coffin surrounded by a fence of interconnected white crosses. Their story will take the shape of an urban legend as it's told around a campfire by a man forever marked by his boyhood encounters with Jessica. Decades later, a boy at that campfire will cast Amber Pendleton as Jessica in a '70s horror movie inspired by the Witch Girl of Pilot's Creek. Amber's experiences on that set and its meta-remake in the '90s will ripple through pop culture, ruining her life and career after she becomes the target of a witch hunt. Amber's best chance to break the cycle of horror comes when a true-crime investigator tracks her down to interview her for his popular podcast. But will this final act of storytelling redeem her-or will it bring the story full circle, ready to be told once again? And again. And again . . .

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The Eagle Has Landed: 50 Years of Lunar Science Fiction Audiobook

The Eagle Has Landed: 50 Years of Lunar Science Fiction

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, the endlessly-mysterious moon is explored in this reprint short science fiction anthology from award-winning editor and anthologist Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld, The Best Science Fiction of the Year). On July 20, 1969, mankind made what had only years earlier seemed like an impossible leap forward: when Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the moon, and Neil Armstrong the first person to step foot on the lunar surface. While there have only been a handful of new missions since, the fascination with our planet's satellite continues, and generations of writers and artists have imagined the endless possibilities of lunar life. From adventures in the vast gulf of space between the earth and the moon, to journeys across the light face to the dark side, to the establishment of permanent residences on its surface, science fiction has for decades given readers bold and forward-thinking ideas about our nearest interstellar neighbor and what it might mean to humankind, both now and in our future. The Eagle Has Landed collects the best stories written in the fifty years since mankind first stepped foot on the lunar surface, serving as a shining reminder that the moon is and always has been our most visible and constant example of all the infinite possibility of the wider universe. Table of Contents Introduction Bagatelle by John Varley The Eve of the Last Apollo by Carter Scholz The Lunatics by Kim Stanley Robinson Griffin's Egg by Michael Swanwick A Walk in the Sun by Geoffrey A. Landis Waging Good by Robert Reed How We Lost the Moon by Paul McAuley People Came From Earth by Stephen Baxter Ashes and Tombstones by Brian Stableford Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's by Adam Troy Castro Stories for Men by John Kessel The Clear Blue Seas of Luna by Gregory Benford You Will Go to the Moon by William Preston SeniorSource by Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Economy of Vacuum by Sarah Thomas The Cassandra Project by Jack McDevitt Fly Me to the Moon by Marianne J. Dyson Tyche and the Ants by Hannu Rajaniemi The Moon Belongs to Everyone by Michael Alexander and K.C. Ball The Fifth Dragon by Ian McDonald Let Baser Things Devise by Berrien C. Henderson The Moon is Not a Battlefield by Indrapramit Das Every Hour of Light and Dark by Nancy Kress In Event of Moon Disaster by Rich Larson

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The Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 4 Audiobook

The Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 4

Author: Neil Clarke Narrator: Catherine Ho, Jennifer O'Donnell, Luis Moreno, Morgan Hallett, Richard Poe, Shari Peele Release Date: September 2019

From Hugo Award-winning editor Neil Clarke, the best science fiction stories of the year are collected in a single paperback volume. Keeping up-to-date with the most buzzworthy and cutting-edge science fiction requires sifting through countless magazines, e-zines, websites, blogs, original anthologies, single-author collections, and more-a task accomplishable by only the most determined and voracious readers. For everyone else, Night Shade Books is proud to introduce the latest volume of The Best Science Fiction of the Year, a yearly anthology compiled by Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning editor Neil Clarke, collecting the finest that the genre has to offer, from the biggest names in the field to the most exciting new writers. The best science fiction scrutinizes our culture and politics, examines the limits of the human condition, and zooms across galaxies at faster-than-light speeds, moving from the very near future to the far-flung worlds of tomorrow in the space of a single sentence. Clarke, publisher and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed and award-winning magazine Clarkesworld, has selected the short science fiction (and only science fiction) best representing the previous year's writing, showcasing the talent, variety, and awesome 'sensawunda' that the genre has to offer. Table of Contents Introduction: A State of Short SF Field in 2018 When We Were Starless-Simone Heller Intervention-Kelly Robson All the Time We've Left to Spend-Alyssa Wong Domestic Violence-Madeline Ashby Ten Landscapes of Nili Fossae-Ian McDonald Prophet of the Roads-Naomi Kritzer Traces of Us-Vanessa Fogg Theories of Flight-Linda Nagata Lab B-15-Nick Wolven Requiem-Vandana Singh Sour Milk Girls-Erin Roberts Mother Tongues-S. Qiouyi Lu Singles' Day-Samantha Murray Nine Last Days on Planet Earth-Daryl Gregory The Buried Giant-Lavie Tidhar The Anchorite Wakes-R.S.A. Garcia Entropy War-Yoon Ha Lee An Equation of State-Robert Reed Quantifying Trust-John Chu Hard Mary-Sofia Samatar Freezing Rain, a Chance of Falling-L.X. Beckett Okay, Glory-Elizabeth Bear Heavy Lifting-A.T. Greenblatt Lions and Gazelles-Hannu Rajaniemi Different Seas-Alastair Reynolds Among the Water Buffaloes, a Tiger's Steps-Aliette de Bodard Byzantine Empathy-Ken Liu Meat and Salt and Sparks-Rich Larson Umbernight-Carolyn Ives Gilman

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The Brilliant Dark Audiobook

The Brilliant Dark

Author: S.M. Beiko Narrator: Morgan Hallett Release Date: September 2019

The highly anticipated final installment in Beiko's thrilling YA fantasy trilogy It's been seven years since the Denziens, an unseen people with elemental powers, were unmasked, and seven years since Roan Harken and Eli Rathgar disappeared into the Brilliant Dark. Marked by Darklings and Death alike, Saskia is a mechanically minded Mundane, raised by Barton and Phae on daring stories about Roan Harken. But the world Roan left behind is in turmoil. The Darklings now hang in the sky as a threatening black moon, and with the order-maintaining Elemental Task Guard looking to get rid of all Denziens before they rebel, Saskia's only option is to go into the Brilliant Dark and bring Roan back. But nothing is ever that simple. The Brilliant Dark is the final, thrilling chapter in this series about gods, monsters, and the people who must decide if they're willing to pay the ultimate price to protect the family they found . . . in a world that may not be worthy of saving.

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