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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
For Us All Audiobook

For Us All

Author: Jeanne Sakata Narrator: Brooke Ishibashi, Ed Asner, Tess Lina Release Date: July 2021

A team of lawyers uses a little-known legal writ to fight and overturn the conviction of Fred Korematsu, unjustly sentenced for resisting the WWII mass incarceration of all Japanese Americans on the West Coast. The play draws much inspiration from Enduring Conviction: Fred Korematsu and his Quest for Justice by Lorraine K. Bannai (University of Washington Press 2015) and Justice Delayed by Peter Irons (Wesleyan University Press 1989). Includes a conversation with playwright Jeanne Sakata and four of the attorneys from the Korematsu v. United States case: Lori Bannai, Peter Irons, Dale Minami and Don Tamaki. For Us All is sponsored by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program, a state-funded grant project of the California State Library. Recorded at The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood, in January 2021. Directed by Anna Lyse Erikson Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg Edward Asner as John J. McCloy Brooke Ishibashi as Karen Korematsu Tess Lina as Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, Times Analyst, Clerk Mike McShane as Lt. General John L. DeWitt, CBS News Anchor, ABC News Anchor, NBC Reporter Derek Mio as Dale Minami Joy Osmanski as Lorraine (Lori) Bannai, Maya Jeanne Sakata as Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga André Sogliuzzo as Edward Ennis, Victor Stone, NY Times Reporter Josh Stamberg as Peter Irons Greg Watanabe as Fred Korematsu, Eric Yamamoto Paul Yen as Don Tamaki Senior Producer: Anna Lyse Erikson Prepared for audio by Mark Holden and mixed by Charles Carroll for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Editor: Neil Wogenson Senior Radio Producer: Ronn Lipkin Foley Artist: Jeff Gardner

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Murder in the First Audiobook

Murder in the First

Author: Dan Gordon Narrator: Ed Asner, Kate Asner Release Date: February 2021

This moving courtroom drama is based on a true incident that exposed the shocking conditions at Alcatraz. The tale begins when 18-year old Willie Moore makes the biggest mistake of his life. Now all he wants is a chance to talk baseball before he dies. Recorded at the DoubleTree Guest Suites, Santa Monica, in 1995. Directed by Steve Albrezzi Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg Edward Asner as Henkin and Warden Harold Humson Kate Asner as Mary McCasslin David Birney as Byron Davidson Ron Byron as The Bailiff and The Jailer William Frankfather as Milton Glenn and Harve Bennet Arye Gross as Henry Willard Davidson Andrew Hawkes as Willie Moore Cynthia Mace as Blanche and Irene Eric Poppick as William McNeil John Randolph as Judge Henry T. Clawson Gil Segel as Jerry Hoolihan, the Landlord, and Burt Russell Bill Smitrovich as Derek Simpson, the Foreman, and Terrence Swenson Radio Production and Original Music by Raymond Guarna; Foley Artist: Amy Strong

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God's Eye Audiobook

God's Eye

Author: A.J. Scudiere Narrator: Ed Asner, Joe Barrett, Kathe Mazur, Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: December 2019

Winner of Booky Award for top 10 book of the year 2011 Finalist - USA Best Book Awards for mystery/suspense and cover design Fiction 2012 Finalist - Best Audiobook Award 2012 Katharine can’t believe what she’s seeing. Her world has always been planned and orderly, but now, she’s petrified that she’s going insane, and she’s equally afraid that she’s not. What if the strange creatures she’s seeing really are disappearing and the messages showing up in Latin actually mean something? When two equally charismatic men suddenly turn up in her life, she begins to find some balance. But it doesn’t take long before she realizes that neither man is what he seems. And Katharine has a very important choice to that will change her life forever.

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The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand Audiobook

The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand

From the New York Times bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, Comes a NEW style of Audiobook: Learn Valuable Lessons While Hollywood Actors Voice the Parts in this Entertaining & True Story of Barefoot Wine. A Sherwood Players Production featuring a FULL ENSEMBLE CAST ?including Hollywood Legends ED ASNER and GIGI PERREAU?, an ORIGINAL CINEMATIC SCORE, SOUND EFFECTS, and BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEWS with the REAL Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey (creators of Barefoot Wine) with author Rick Kushman  It is amazing that such an iconic brand as Barefoot Wines began as a startup in the laundry room of a rented farmhouse. Even more surprising is that it was started by a business couple with no money and no knowledge of the wine industry. They regularly ran into difficulties that nearly killed the brand. It was their unshakable belief in Barefoot's potential that kept it going, along with the use of classic business principles, and a never-say-die outlook. Hardship, hustle, and heart are the essence of The Barefoot Spirit. This book is a testament to the power of out-of-the-box thinking. It is a guide for anyone in business, and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment, including: How Worthy Cause Marketing out performed paid advertisingHow boot-strapping was used instead of conventional financingThe surprising advantages of being small and brokeHow creating a fun, yet hardworking company culture encouraged innovative leadershipIf you like wine, the wine country, or a story about how a plucky couple disrupted an industry, if you want to know what it takes to really succeed in the face of adversity, if you want to know how to use your core beliefs to build a national brand, then The Barefoot Spirit is for you.

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Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers (1991) Audiobook

Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers (1991)

The original version of LATW's groundbreaking docudrama about the Pentagon Papers, the infamous classified documents about US involvement in the Vietnam War, and how The Washington Post fought the government to publish them. Includes a 1991 panel discussion with journalists Ben Bradlee, Peter Braestrup, Robert Maynard, Carla Robbins, Robert Scheer, and George Wilson. Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Santa Monica in March, 1991. Directed by Tom Moore Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg Philip Abbot as Chal Roberts Irene Arranga as Bailiff/Clerk Edward Asner as Ben Bradlee Ed Begley, Jr. as George Wilson Jack Coleman as Eugene Patterson/Carl Coogan Richard Dysart as Narrator Hector Elizondo as Fritz Beebee Bo Foxworth as The Soldier Robert Foxworth as Ben Bagdikian Robin Gammell as Murray Marder Gerrit Graham as Robert Mardian Howard Hesseman as Brian Sullivan Stacy Keach as John Mitchell Darrell Larson as Darryl Cox Nan Martin as Meg Greenfield Marsha Mason as Katherine Graham Richard Riehle as Lamont Vanderhall Harry Shearer as Richard Nixon Joe Spano as Ron Ziegler James Whitmore as Judge Martin Peel Harris Yulin as Henry Kissinger Stage Manager and Sound Effects, Barnaby Harris. Recording Engineer, Steve Barker.

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The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and  Audiobook

The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and

Author: Ed Asner, Ed Weinberger, Ed. Weinberger Narrator: Ed Asner Release Date: October 2017

In the tradition of Al Franken and Michael Moore, Ed Asner-a.k.a. Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show-reclaims the Constitution from the right-wingers who think that they and only they know how to interpret it. Ed Asner, a self-proclaimed dauntless Democrat from the old days, figured that if the right-wing wackos are wrong about voter fraud, Obama's death panels, and climate change, they are probably just as wrong about what the Constitution says. There's no way that two hundred-plus years later, the right-wing ideologues know how to interpret the Constitution. On their way home from Philadelphia the people who wrote it couldn't agree on what it meant. What was the president's job? Who knew? All they knew was that the president was going to be George Washington and as long as he was in charge, that was good enough. When Hamilton wanted to start a national bank, Madison told him that it was unconstitutional. Both men had been in the room when the Constitution was written. And now today there are politicians and judges who claim that they know the original meaning of the Constitution. Are you kidding? In The Grouchy Historian, Ed Asner leads the charge for liberals to reclaim the Constitution from the right-wingers who use it as their justification for doing whatever terrible thing they want to do, which is usually to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. It's about time someone gave them hell and explained that progressives can read, too.

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I'd Rather Eat Pants Audiobook

I'd Rather Eat Pants

Author: Peter Ackerman Narrator: Ed Asner, Ed Begley, Ed Begley Jr., Edward Asner, Jonathan Banks Release Date: March 2015

What do fast-talking, New York octogenarians, Abe and Mabel, do when their life-long grocery store, Pepperstein Produce, is driven out of business by Wonder Food? They embark on the ultimate road trip with a nineteen year-old stoner, Wisdom, to Los Angeles to become actors. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast production, starring Edward Asner, Jonathan Banks, Ed Begley Jr., Emily Bergl, Dan Castellaneta, Derek Cecil, Bob Edwards, Clea Lewis, Anne Meara, Kendall Schmidt and Susan Stamberg. Directed by Gordon Hunt. Recorded in front of a live audience by L.A. Theatre Works.

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The Undecided Molecule Audiobook

The Undecided Molecule

From the imagination of radio pioneer Norman Corwin comes one of the strangest trials in the history of jurisprudence. A molecule refuses to be assigned to any particular substance and insists on choosing for itself. Starring Edward Asner, Carl Reiner, Charlie Robinson, and Erika Schickel. Written and directed by Norman Corwin.

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God’s Eye Audiobook

God’s Eye

A demon… Every soul he claims is another chance to advance, until he can walk among us, look like us, make us believe in him. The only thing holding him back is… An angel… The rules of the realm bind him from fighting on the demon’s terms. But this is his chance to steal something away from the demon, to steal the thing the demon wants most… A woman who must choose… A woman who has been chosen, Katharine is suddenly a pawn in a game in which the rules and the stakes are beyond her comprehension. She must take a side even though she can’t tell angel from demon. And in the end, they will all be judged. “As heiress to a Fortune 500 company, Katherine is always suspicious of new men who enter her life. Little does she know that the two newest men in her life represent opposite sides of a force that threatens reality itself. Nor does she know she’s the key to the future. God’s Eye is another wonderful audio-movie recorded at Skyboat Studios. It’s a bit reminiscent of the Twilight movies, with its handsome monsters and beautiful women, but there’s more to it than surface beauty. The production is flawless, down to the funky noises and jarring sounds designed to awaken listeners en route to work in the morning. Stefan Rudnicki heads a cast that includes Kathe Mazur, Joe Barrett, and an all-too-short appearance by Ed Asner.”—AudioFile

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The Woman Who Laughed Audiobook

The Woman Who Laughed

Author: Joyce Carol Oates Narrator: Ed Asner, Edward Asner, Ethan Glazer, Lindsay Crouse Release Date: February 2013

Nell Ryder is a sardonic and urbane school teacher transplanted to small-town Michigan. But when she gets into a dispute with an aggrieved parent, Nell finds herself accused of impropriety with one of her adolescent charges. A BBC co-production. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Edward Asner, Lindsay Crouse, Ethan Glazer, Harold Gould, Kaitlin Hopkins, Gary Kroeger, Jarrett Lennon, Lana McKissak, Marian Mercer and Tom Virtue. Directed by Gordon House.

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New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation: Amsterdam, July  Audiobook

New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation: Amsterdam, July

As a young Jewish man in 17th century Amsterdam, Baruch de Spinoza excelled as a theological student; but as he encountered free-thinking Protestants, atheists, and radicals in this relatively tolerant city, he began to question his religion and the nature of God. As a result, he was branded a heretic and faced excommunication. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Matthew Wolf as Baruch de Spinoza Edward Asner as Abraham van Valkenburgh Richard Easton as Saul Levi Mortera Andrea Gabriel as Clara Arye Gross as Ben Israel Amy Pietz as Rebekah James Wagner as Simon de Vries Directed by Rosalind Ayres. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles.

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Song Bird Audiobook

Song Bird

Author: Larry Weiner Narrator: A Full Cast, A Full Cast, Ed Asner, Kelli O'Hara, Shirley Jones Release Date: January 2011

Maureen Barnett (Three time Tony nominee Kelli O'Hara) was once a singer renowned the world over. Now though, things couldn't get much worse. She's stuck performing in dives, her daughter hates her, and she's recovering from a severe nervous breakdown that leaves her petrified in front of large crowds. Prospects couldn't look bleaker, when in walks Amelia Storm (Academy Award winner Shirley Jones), an aging chanteuse, offering Maureen the ability to see into the future. Maureen reluctantly accepts and finds herself haunted by visions of something dreadful happening to her daughter Holly, who is soon abducted and held for ransom. Enlisting the aid of a freshly retired policeman turned private eye named Henry Powell (Emmy winner Ed Asner), Maureen goes on a dangerous journey to get her daughter - and her confidence - back at all costs. From its atmospheric opening to its shocking conclusion, RRCA's Songbird is a sharp comic mystery filled with laughs, romance, two-fisted action, and winning performances from Shirley Jones, Ed Asner and Kelli O'Hara.

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