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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
Lieberman's Folly Audiobook

Lieberman's Folly

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: TBD Release Date: May 2021

Detectives Abe Lieberman and Bill Hanrahan have been partners a long time-long enough to call each other 'Rabbi' and 'Father Murphy.' Lieberman is sixty, a grandfather, and a devout Jew. Hanrahan is a lapsed Catholic who's been hitting the bottle pretty heavily ever since his wife walked out on him. They may be flawed, but they're good cops. But even good cops have bad days. On a hot Chicago afternoon, Lieberman would prefer to be watching his beloved Cubs from the bleachers at Wrigley Field instead of sitting in his brother Maish's deli with Hanrahan, meeting a prostitute and valued informant. But Estralda Valdez needs their protection from a psychotic john, and the partners agree to watch her back on their off-duty time. That Friday night, while Lieberman is in temple, Hanrahan has the first watch, across the street from Estralda's apartment in a Chinese restaurant. But while he passes the time with two doubles and flirts with the waitress, the beautiful prostitute is brutally murdered. Tortured by guilt and chewed out by their chief, Lieberman and Hanrahan race against the clock to find the killer. They owe at least that much to Estralda.

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Lieberman's Choice Audiobook

Lieberman's Choice

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: TBD Release Date: May 2021

Two Chicago cops need to defuse an explosive situation in this 'tightly plotted' police procedural (Chicago Tribune). After killing his wife and her lover, an unhinged and heavily armed Chicago cop named Bernie Shepard barricades himself at the top of a high-rise apartment building and sends a message to the police: meet his demands, or he'll detonate enough explosives to blow the whole block sky high. If it's a choice between chewing the fat at his brother Maish's deli or hunting down armed lunatics, world-weary veteran cop Abe Lieberman knows where he stands. But no one's giving him a choice. It's up to Lieberman and his longtime partner, Bill Hanrahan-a.k.a. the Rabbi and Father Murphy-to play Bernie's game, betting their lives on a madman's whim. With a crazed cop holding 'enough explosives to blow the North Side of Chicago to kingdom come . . . Kaminsky mines plenty of suspense' (The New York Times Book Review).

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Lieberman's Law Audiobook

Lieberman's Law

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: TBD Release Date: May 2021

With his Chicago cops, Edgar Award winner 'Kaminsky is hard to beat for a thoughtful, well-plotted, well-written mystery' (The Washington Post Book World). Most days, the counters at Maish's Deli on Chicago's North Side are crowded with elderly Jewish men who trade stories and crack wise. But today, the mood at Maish's is grim. Someone has vandalized the local temple-the fifth in a row-and stolen a priceless Torah, and only Abe Lieberman can set things right. A veteran cop whose low-key attitude and sardonic humor conceal an intense commitment to justice, Lieberman is taking the break-in very personally-the synagogue's president just happens to be his wife. With the help of his lapsed Catholic partner, Bill Hanrahan, Lieberman must straddle the roles of detective and diplomat, tracking down the thugs who defaced the temples while at the same time brokering peace between the North Side's warring factions before they tear the city apart. Because when it comes to the law, the cop they call 'Rabbi' understands that while he may work for the Chicago police department, he also serves a higher authority.

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The Big Silence Audiobook

The Big Silence

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: TBD Release Date: May 2021

This Chicago cop drama is 'jam-packed with the stuff of good crime fiction-character, style, place, recognizable human conflict' (The Washington Post). When the wife of a mob witness is killed and his teenage son is kidnapped, the ransom isn't cash-it's his life. The dead can't testify. If the witness kills himself, the mob will let his son live. Now veteran cops Abe Lieberman and Bill Hanrahan need to protect their witness from himself while they turn Chicago's gangland upside down to save the kid. It doesn't help that Hanrahan is newly sober in AA, battling drink urges and the guilt of recently losing another informant. Lieberman has seen his partner at his worst with the booze and always had his back. But now both their backs are against the wall, and they'll need to rely on each other and make some hard choices to set this one right. Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America and Edgar Award Winner Stuart M. Kaminsky 'has the pro's knack of combining quirky people, succinct descriptions, an eye for detail, and dark humor to produce entertainment at its best' (Chicago Sun-Times).

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Lieberman's Day Audiobook

Lieberman's Day

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: Richard Ferrone Release Date: May 2021

A Chicago cop is out to avenge his nephew's murder in this 'masterly creation' that puts the Edgar Award-winning author in 'the Parker/Paretsky league' (Chicago Tribune). When you're a sixty-two-year-old cop with bad knees, most days feel pretty long. But the longest day of Abe Lieberman's life begins just after midnight when he learns his nephew David has been shot dead and David's pregnant wife has been gravely injured by two gunmen trying to rob the couple. Now Carol is barely clinging to life, and it's up to Lieberman to track down the killers. With the help of his partner, the troubled alcoholic Bill Hanrahan, Lieberman will turn the city upside down to find the men who stole his nephew's bright future. But as they step out into the howling Chicago wind, it's clear both partners will need to fight to survive the day that started out terrible and is about to get a lot worse. This day in the life of two veteran Chicago cops is 'beautifully rendered . . . Kaminsky is extraordinarily attuned to the domestic minutiae of his detectives' lives' (The New York Times Book Review).

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Death of a Dissident Audiobook

Death of a Dissident

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: John McLain Release Date: May 2021

In this mystery introducing a hard-boiled Soviet police inspector, 'Kaminsky gets Russia right' (Ed McBain). Aleksander Granovsky has dedicated his life to exposing the brutality of the Russian penal system. In two days he will be tried for the crime of smuggling essays to the West. It is a show trial, and there is no doubt he will be convicted and executed, yet before he dies, he intends to tell the truth one more time. But this is Moscow, where death is never heroic. While writing his final speech in his government flat, Granovsky is surprised by an assassin, who pierces his heart with the point of a rusty scythe. The case is given to Porfiry Rostnikov, a veteran Moscow police inspector with a knack for navigating the labyrinths of Soviet bureaucracy. A bruising bear of a man, whose love of weightlifting and American pizza has left him as squat and powerful as a .38 bullet, Rostnikov may be the toughest cop in Moscow. This winter, his challenge is not just to find the killer, but to survive the investigation, as every question he asks takes him closer to exposing the dark heart of the KGB.

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Black Knight in Red Square Audiobook

Black Knight in Red Square

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: John McLain Release Date: May 2021

A Soviet cop stars in this novel of 'sweaty-palmed suspense . . . Equal parts likeable characters and believable dangers' (The Washington Post Book World). The Moscow Film Festival is in town, and the elite artists of the East and West have convened at the legendary Metropole Hotel to drink, gossip, and flirt. But the party is about to come crashing down. Four men-one American, one Japanese, and two Russians-will all be dead by morning, poisoned. To keep the killings under wraps, the Kremlin hands the investigation over to the famously discreet police investigator Porfiry Rostnikov. A hard-boiled cop with more than three decades' experience navigating the deadly jungle of the Soviet bureaucracy, Rostnikov is about to find himself both in the international spotlight and in the crosshairs of a terrorist, who is targeting foreigners to embarrass the Soviet state and will happily sacrifice any Russian who gets in the way. This Edgar Award-nominated follow-up to Death of a Dissident confirms Stuart Kaminsky's status as 'the Ed McBain of Mother Russia' (Kirkus Reviews).

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Red Chameleon Audiobook

Red Chameleon

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: John McLain Release Date: May 2021

This thrilling crime novel features 'the best cop to come out of the Soviet Union since Martin Cruz Smith's Arkady Renko' (San Francisco Examiner). After a lifetime in service to the Soviet Union, police inspector Porfiry Rostnikov may have found a way out. A high-profile homicide leads him to a cache of documents packed full of incriminating Kremlin gossip, which he uses as a bargaining chip to secure exit visas for himself and his Jewish wife. But just before the deal is concluded, Brezhnev's death sends the nation into turmoil, and makes escape impossible. His career derailed, the veteran cop is reduced to investigating penny-ante murders-one of which may lead somewhere very big indeed. An elderly Jewish man is shot to death in his bathtub by killers who steal nothing but a worthless brass candlestick. And as the brutal Moscow summer wears on, the police find themselves the targets of car thieves and snipers. With the help of his two faithful lieutenants, Karpo and Tkach, Rostnikov needs to find a way to solve these cases and salvage his good name-if it doesn't cost him his life.

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The Melting Clock: A Toby Peters Mystery Audiobook

The Melting Clock: A Toby Peters Mystery

Author: Stuart Kaminsky, Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: Stephen Bowlby Release Date: September 2014

An ax-wielding monk hacks at the door. Toby Peters is on the other side, running as fast as his recently broken leg will allow. Alongside him is Salvador Dalí, dressed in a rabbit suit, emphatically muttering "grasshoppers" as they try to make their escape. Dalí insists on being carried across the lawn, so Peters hobbles along with the surrealist in his arms. They get in the car just as the monk chops down the front door. The car doesn't start, and the monk charges silently, ax held aloft. And this isn't even the strangest thing that has happened to Toby Peters this week. Life has been peculiar ever since the call came from Dalí's wife. Peters, suffering from post-New Year's celebration malaise, was happy to look into the theft of three of Dalí's paintings. He had no idea, however, that the investigation might end with his face being literally turned into something resembling abstract art.

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Buried Caesars: A Toby Peters Mystery Audiobook

Buried Caesars: A Toby Peters Mystery

Author: Stuart Kaminsky, Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: Stephen Bowlby Release Date: August 2014

The uniformed man standing before Toby Peters is General Douglas MacArthur, a soldier who considers himself the only man who can defeat the Japanese. But though he may be all-powerful in the South Pacific, today he is in Los Angeles with a problem only a detective can solve. The general has an eye on a postwar promotion to the White House, and an aide has stolen his war chest, his donor list, and a handful of embarrassing private letters. To get them back, Toby may need some help. Lucky for him, he's just met Dashiell Hammett, one of the finest crime novelists of all time. Dodging his mistress while he's waiting to rejoin the army, Dash needs amusement and thinks Toby's case sounds like a lark. In fact, the assignment proves dangerous. Toby isn't a soldier, but he soon finds he just might end up dying at a general's whim nonetheless. ***Please contact Member Services for additional documents***

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Poor Butterfly: A Toby Peters Mystery Audiobook

Poor Butterfly: A Toby Peters Mystery

Author: Stuart Kaminsky, Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: Stephen Bowlby Release Date: July 2014

A killer terrorizes the San Francisco opera, and the maestro calls in Los Angeles detective Toby Peters to investigate-which might just set him up to be the next victim.

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Think Fast, Mr. Peters: A Toby Peters Mystery Audiobook

Think Fast, Mr. Peters: A Toby Peters Mystery

Author: Stuart Kaminsky, Stuart M. Kaminsky Narrator: Stephen Bowlby Release Date: May 2014

Hollywood detective Toby Peters is asleep on his floor when the dentist who shares his office calls, wailing that his wife has left him. While on the one hand, Toby is shocked that a woman as unpleasant as Mildred could ever attract a suitor, he's even more surprised by the name of the alleged Lothario: Peter Lorre, the scaly-voiced, bug-eyed Hollywood character actor. Though he can't imagine why the dentist would want her back, Toby agrees to track down his missing wife. He finds Lorre in a greasy spoon near the Warner Brothers' lot, but the actor doesn't know a thing about the missing Mildred. Her boyfriend turns out to be a Peter Lorre impersonator, and by the time Toby finds him, he's doing a very credible imitation of a dead man. The bullet was meant for the real Lorre, who has just become Toby's client-whether Toby likes it or not.

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