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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Once Burnt, Twice Shy Audiobook

Once Burnt, Twice Shy

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Sara Lynam Release Date: December 2021

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Take Me Home Audiobook

Take Me Home

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Nicolette Chin Release Date: May 2021

When Elle Kinnaird takes the plunge and travels from her rural small-town life to the misty legends of her ancestors in the Scottish highlands, she finds that it's a big world after all. A heartwarming novel about new beginnings, from the bestselling author of Fool Me Once. It was a straightforward request. Take her gran home to her beloved Scotland. In the space of a few days, Elle loses her job and her home and faces moving back in with her parents-where she knows she'll hear a lot about how she is wasting her life, unlike her three siblings . . . Then Gran's will is read and everything changes. It seems simple: a road trip across Scotland, a country Gran loved, to locate the family castle; meet some long lost cousins; oh, and work out what she wants to do with the rest of her life before returning home. Not a problem. That is unless the family castle is a ruin that has pretty much been lost in time; the family Elle has never met seem to be hiding a mysterious secret; her over-achieving parents are breathing down her neck, and she's running out of time to make a decision about her future. Take Me Home is a glorious lesson in life, love and finding your true destiny. 'I loved this! The main characters were so engaging, their back stories poignant and heartbreaking...their everyday lives relatable with an appeal that connects to the reader...' Reading Writing and Riesling on Something Like This

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Something Like This Audiobook

Something Like This

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: December 2020

Jason Weaver just wants to be left alone. It was a tough transition from his army days to civilian life, and he's looking forward to settling into a solitary life. Tilly Hollis is working two jobs to save for her dream career: running an equine therapy program. Tilly loves her horses more than anything, and after losing her husband and business partner just a few years earlier, she's determined to make it work on her own. When Jason walks into the cafe where Tilly works, they're immediately drawn to one another. But can they overcome their pasts to find a future together? 'A story of love, loss, endurance and determination.' Mrs B's Book Reviews on Fool Me Once

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Fool Me Once Audiobook

Fool Me Once

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Caz Prescott Release Date: May 2020

An enticing new rural romance from the bestselling author of The Wrong Callahan and Mr Right Now. 'Karly Lane has a wonderful way of creating a sense of place - These are books I know I can fall into and be transported.' - Noveltea Corner on Return to Stringybark Creek After losing her family farm to an aggressive global conglomerate, ambitious farmer Georgie Henderson manages Stoney Creek, a cattle farm in the New England region of NSW, spending every waking moment plotting and saving to buy Tamban back from those corporate vultures. When an unlikely meeting with Armani-clad businessman Michael Delacourt at a rowdy B&S Ball sends them on a whirlwind romance, Georgie can't believe it's possible for life to be this good. But her world shatters when she discovers the shocking secret Michael has been trying to keep from her. Can Michael convince her they still have a future? And after having her heart so thoroughly broken, can Georgie ever trust anyone again? 'The Wrong Callahan embodies Karly Lane's passionate rural voice, reminding us of the value she is to Australian fiction. A must buy for all Aussie readers.' Mrs B's Book Reviews

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Third Time Lucky Audiobook

Third Time Lucky

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: February 2020

After a disastrous marriage, December Doyle has returned to her hometown to try to pick up the pieces of her life and start again. She's also intent on helping breathe new life into the Christmas Creek township, so the last thing she needs is trouble. Bad boy Seth Hunter has also returned to Christmas Creek, and trouble is his middle name. Wrongly convicted of a serious crime in his youth, Seth is now a successful businessman, but he's intent on settling some old scores. As teenagers, December and Seth were madly in love, and seeing each other again reawakens past feelings. But will Seth be able to overcome his destructive anger about the past, and can December conquer her fear of heartbreak to make their relationship third time lucky? By the bestselling author of Second Chance Town, this compelling novel is about betrayal, ambition and the power of forgiveness - and love.

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Return to Stringybark Creek Audiobook

Return to Stringybark Creek

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: December 2019

When top-flight journalists Hadley Callahan and Mitch Samuals married two years ago, theirs had been declared the celebrity wedding of the year. But, now, Hadley unexpectedly returns to Stringybark Creek alone hiding an explosive secret. While Hadley's in town, the shocking suicide of one of their old school friends brings her and childhood friend, Ollie, together as they mourn their loss and begin a campaign to raise awareness of rural mental health, both wanting to make a difference. With Mitch putting pressure on Hadley to keep quiet, and the secret she's keeping causing her great anguish, Hadley's feelings for Ollie take her by surprise. But her life is so messed up at the moment - what future could they possibly have together? Return to Stringybark Creek concludes the Callahan family trilogy with a delightfully irresistible story of loyalty, hope and the importance of staying true to yourself.

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Mr Right Now Audiobook

Mr Right Now

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: May 2019

Griffin Callahan and Olivia Dawson were inseparable. Everyone in town knew it. But when Griff went off to Ag College, Liv told him it was over and fled her family's farm to study law. Griff had never understood her reasons but eventually accepted that first loves don't last. Until now. Currently back on the farm to help her twin brother with the harvest, Liv is the same gorgeous, laughing, hazel-eyed girl he'd always loved. Yet Griff can sense a difference, an uncertainty playing beneath the surface that wasn't there before. Amidst crossed wires, drunken declarations, and families on a mission, will Griff and Liv finally have a second chance? Or will the old saying - If you love someone set them free - become their reality? The second Callahans of Stringybark Creek novel.

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Poppy's Dilemma Audiobook

Poppy's Dilemma

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: February 2019

From the bestselling author of North Star and If Wishes Were Horses. Poppy Abbott seems to have it all. Bright, successful and attractive, she lives in a beautiful apartment with sweeping views of Sydney. However, since the recent death of her beloved grandmother, she's been struggling to come to terms with her grief. When sorting through her grandmother's belongings she uncovers some love letters and an old diary with the name 'Maggie Abbott' on the front detailing her romance with a young soldier Maggie's name is unfamiliar to her, and the last pages of the diary are ripped out leaving Poppy at a loss of how this long-forgotten love-story ended. Drawn back to her grandmother's home in the country Poppy begins to question whether what she always thought made her happy truly does, and as she learns more about grandmother's past, Poppy's own love story begins to unfold.

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Bridie's Choice Audiobook

Bridie's Choice

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: January 2019

From the bestselling author of North Star comes an absorbing novel about alternative destinies and the power of love.Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks. Bridie's family are perennial strugglers, whilst the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of Jinjulu - one of the most prestigious properties in the district.Bridie has always longed to leave the small town she grew up in, but family responsibilities have kept her anchored there. Meanwhile, Shaun's dream of taking over the management of Jinjulu is dashed by his dictatorial father who tries to rule Shaun's life both on and off the farm.When Shaun falls in love with Bridie, The Brodericks are horrified and make it very clear they don't approve of 'that Farrell girl'. Faced with the biggest decision of her life, Bridie must choose whether to turn her back on her heart or her dreams...

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The Wrong Callahan Audiobook

The Wrong Callahan

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: December 2018

The first book in the sparkling new Callahans of Stringybark Creek Trilogy. It had been two long years since Lincoln Callahan had found himself in front of the gates to Stringybark Creek. He was in the army then - a lifetime ago. Linc had always been the unsettled Callahan, looking for danger, the one who couldn't wait to leave the family farm. This time he was back for his little sister, Hadley's, wedding. From far and wide, the Callahan relatives were streaming toward Stringybark Creek. Linc's little brother, Griffin, was the steady son, the one who stayed at home, the one who did the right things. And now, the one who had feelings for city-girl, Cash Sullivan. For Cash, the offer to manage her best friend's luxury beauty spa tucked away in the country had come at the right time. She knew she needed to make smarter choices in her life, starting with the men she dated, and an enforced break in the country seemed the right way to consider her options. When Linc sets eyes on Cash at a family dinner, their swift attraction floors him. But Cash is his brother's girlfriend...what was he thinking? As Linc, Griff and Cash form an uneasy triangle, each of them have personal demons to face before they can open their hearts.

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Second Chance Town Audiobook

Second Chance Town

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: November 2018

Single mother Lucy Parker loves the quiet historical charm of her hometown of Bundah. But raising her teenage daughter Belle in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business, is challenging. Troubled Hugh Thompson arrives in town and buys a rundown pub with big plans for a fresh start. But soon after a spate of teenage drug overdoses starts to divide the locals and there are whispers they might be connected to this newcomer who has a dark and mysterious past. When Belle suddenly starts hanging out with the wrong kids and experimenting with alcohol, Lucy becomes fearful that drugs will be next. The very last thing she needs is for a man like Hugh to come along and disrupt her life. But it seems fate has other ideas...

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Someone Like You Audiobook

Someone Like You

Author: Karly Lane Narrator: Melle Stewart Release Date: August 2018

When bestselling author, twenty-nine year old Hayley Stevens, walked in on her husband, Paul, and her best friend in bed together, she knew her life would never be the same again. One year later, after impulsively buying a cosy sandstone cottage in a small colonial village sitting on the beautiful Macdonald River, she packs up her city life and moves to her new home. What she didn't expect was meeting her handsome new neighbour, Luke Mason. And having the strange feeling that he was very familiar to her. As Hayley slowly gains acceptance into her small community and starts writing again she becomes almost afraid of the inexplicable visions she sees. What does it all mean? And why does Luke refuse to listen to her?

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